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Thursday, May 22, 2008

TT #100

In honor of my 100th Thursday Thirteen, here are my
Thirteen Favorite Thursday Thirteen Posts

  1. Towel Day Thirteen: Douglas Adams quotes. Plus, Towel Day is this Sunday: Do you know where your towel is?

  2. Thirteen Cars: nice nostalgia for me. Though we've had two cars since then, and I'm still drooling whenever I look at the new one. (that picture reminds me I need to take good pix of the new Mercedes--the reflections on that picture look like scratches. Yikes. Also need to come up with a name. I was thinking "Hans," but I'm not convinced yet. Any suggestions?)

  3. Thirteen Things About My Vacation: summer 2006's trip to Italy. No pix, but I thought I sounded marginally clever.

  4. Anniversary Thirteen: sappy, but true.

  5. Medically Significant Arthropods: bugs. This one was fun. And nostalgic.

  6. Short List: I still go back to this one to drool occasionally.

  7. Jim Butcher Quotes: I'm such a fangirl.

  8. Things We Know: another fun one, and a good reminder to check your facts.

  9. Castles: because who doesn't like castles? Plus, some good memories.

  10. Germany vs. the US: from my POV, of course. Reminds me, I could definitely do a follow-up.

  11. Military Life in Europe: some details about living as a US military family member in Germany

  12. 2007 Statistics: it was a lot of work, but interesting to break down a year's worth of blogging.

  13. Fish: fun to make, and good memories.

The entire list of TTs can be found here.

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wow! 100!!!!

how did you figure out all those stats for 2007???

Hurray! What great memories. I didn't now you guys were in the military - so I learned a bit about you too! I love the anniversary one! :)

Congratulations - this is a milestone.
Congratulations on your 100 TT This is a great way to mark that milestone :)

Thanks so much for stopping by mine earlier :)
WOW!! 100 TT posts, that's fantastic!
OMG, Darla!! 100 Thirteens! I lost count somewhere in the seventies and am probably in the eighties by now. I'm having fun giving my posts silly numbers (and am probably the only one who notices, too!).

Congratulations on having the stick-to-it-iveness (not a word, I know, but it's fun to say!) for 100 Thursday Thirteens. That rocks.

(and yes, I'll write up the Key Lime Pie outtake. No worries.)
Congrats on 100! I went back and reviewed a couple of your TT. Douglas Adams, I love and the quotes were great. Bugs were just ewww. I liked the castle photos and was looking forward to the Germany vs. U.S. (my church is the sending church for a missionary to Germany who ministers to U.S. servicemen in Grafenwoehr) but your link took me back to the castles.

Great list and thanks for visiting my iPod Mystery Artist edition of my Thursday Thirteen.
Happy 100 Darla!!!

Douglas Adam's quotes won me over. LOL! My favorite bit out of Hitchhiker's was the potted plant and the whale. Brilliant.

Thanks for dropping by my TT!
100!! Congratulations! I popped by all your linked T13's and love the castle one best. You're awesome.
Congrats on your 100th post. I love the first one you selected, you have to know I am a DA fan.
Thanks for popping by The Cafe this week.
Hahahah I don't think I ever read #11, brought back lots of memories! Oh, how I miss AAFES...and every day, I looked forward to seeing what goodies were at my box in the mailroom!
I know where my towel is. Happy TT.
Congratulations on your 100th T13 post!

Well done!

Congrats on your 100th TT post, Darla! You know I always enjoy reading them... keep them coming!
The Douglas Adams one rocks! And the car one - I'm partial to cars, even though I've only owned 4 in my whole life and I've never had one stolen or totalled (I know, I know - I haven't lived...then again, I don't think I've ever owned a car anyone would want to steal...).

Anyways, happy 100th!! And thanks for dropping in on mine. :)
I like Hans for a car. Happy 100th Darla! MUAH!
Congrats and Happy 100th TTs Darla!

Interesting old posts, I re-read all your posts ;)

Sorry not doing TTs this week but maybe next :)
100 TT's - you rock Darla.

Love Douglass Adams, love him.
I have wanted to post something like this on my website and this gave me an idea. Cheers.
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