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Thursday, January 24, 2008

TT #84

Nichtszusagen: the Year in Review
Thirteen Statistics About Nichtszusagen

from 2007

note: click on the links to see the categories

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Darla, your themes for TTs always amaze me!!! I always find it refreshing to read your TT posts. Keep all those cool ideas coming. ;)
Fascinating to see your genre stats. Obviously you have favorites, but my word. You truly have breadth!
You have been SO busy, it's amazing. Who cooks and cleans around your place? How do you do it all? 286 books? I'm jealous!!!

Glad you liked having Trevor and the boys back. A lot of people who've stopped by this week have been rather... confused by who they are and what they're doing there!
So not only do you speed-read your way through libraries, but you're a statistics junkie, too :)
Cool statistics but 1) you need to read more humor and 2) you need to see more romantic comedies.
Wow, your statistics are way too cool. With all your reading how do you find time to watch movies?
Darla, I'm impressed at how much you've accomplished. Yikes!
I was thrilled to get 52 books in last year!! Great breakdown -- it's so interesting to see what people are reading!
My gosh...you put me to shame! My act clearly isn't together :-) I'm hoping to read more this year, but I'll never get close to you! Congrats -- great stats!
Happy TT and thanks for visiting!
Thanks, Melody! I think this is the last of my 2007 recap posts. It's been fun, though.

Julia, I do tend to like variety, and to challenge myself once in a while.

Susan, ah, you've discovered my secret: nobody cooks or cleans. :)

Doug--well, yeah. Accounting degree. I've got to do something with it besides the income taxes and balancing the checkbook. :)

Jennifer, I agree. I was surprised I'd seen so few romantic comedies. The humor books, though, is deceptive: a large number of the contemporary romances I read were romantic comedies, and quite a lot of the books in general had humor, but I tried to stick to one genre per book.

Renee, maybe that's why I read fewer books this year--by about 100.

Thanks, Ellen! It does look like a lot all in a list like that.

Joely, I wish I could remember where I stole this idea from, but I can't. I saw somebody post their statistics last year and I enjoyed it so much I thought I'd do it too.
Looks like it's been an entertaining year!
Thanks for the breakdown. It'll be interesting to see where my own 2008 breakdown comes to. I definitely need to read more despite having to fight for the time away from writing. My head needs the recharge and I shouldn't put it off anymore.

Thanks for the boost. :)

My goodness! You're so ORGANIZED! That's very cool!
And you read a lot of contemporary romance this year.
Very interesting statistics.
You read almost 300 books in 2007?? Boy does that put my 35 to shame (we won't even talk about how many I've read so far this year!).

Great post, Darla!
Wow...That's all I can say...Wow!
Cool list. You're a busy gal!

Contemporary Romance must be your absolute fave!

Have a great TT!

What a clever 13.
Wish I had some of your imagination and talent.
Thanks for stopping by mine
I am completely fascinated by your list. Who else writes in Romantic suspense besides Nora Roberts? Amazing that you like paranormal and mystery almost as much as the romances..... Just fascinating!

Happy TT
it must took you a long time to come up with your stats.
What an interesting idea for a T13 post!
It sounds like you've been a busy girl:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by....
Neat stats. I think I only saw a dozen film and all but one of those I rented. Happy TT.
Cool place you have.

I liked The Bishop's Wife too.
Wow. You sure keep yourself busy! Happy T13!
Cool stats, I should try to do that, see how my reading breaks down by genre (although if I were to count YA, I should probably also count the Js and picture books- to be accurate). :)
286! WOW that lot, and even if it less than the previous year for you...for me that still seem lot. I"m always impressed with what you come up with for TTs....it would be great if you give me some of your zingers *grin*....great job!

Happy TTs! I'm not doing one this week but maybe next week...
Hey Darla! You're tagged! ;)
Wow you're organized. I can't even manage to keep track of what number TT I'm on, let alone the rest of it.
Nice list! I wonder how you find the time to blog with all those books, movies, etc. Chapeau!
Thanks for visiting my 13 books TT. Actually I've read Eaters of the Dead, but I didn't know the other title! :-)
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