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Thursday, April 03, 2008

TT #94

Thirteen Book Reviews... Again

I did this once before, and it worked pretty well. I'm more than 13 books behind, and with Spring Break starting tomorrow, I thought I'd make a stab at catching up before we leave town.

Click on the book covers to go to the reviews--I'll link them as soon as they're finished. The book titles' links go to Barnes & Noble, and the authors' names' links go to the authors' websites, as usual.

**** Pillow Talk by Kathleen O'Reilly. Contemporary romance.
****½ Splendid by Julia Quinn. Historical romance.
***½ The Royal Treatment by MaryJanice Davidson. Contemporary romance.
** Son of Man by Robert Silverberg. Science fiction.
****½ Cry for the Moon by Anne Stuart. Romantic suspense.
***½ Now That We've Found You by Marianne Arkins. Contemporary romance.
****½ Out of Nowhere by Rebecca York. Romantic suspense.
****½ Love Potion #9 by Claire Cross. Contemporary paranormal romance
****½ Citizen Vince by Jess Walter. General fiction.
**** Key of Valor by Nora Roberts. Contemporary paranormal romance. Re-read.
***** No Control by Shannon K. Butcher. Romantic suspense.
**** Child of Mine by Lynn Erickson. Romantic suspense.
****½ Skinny Dipping
Connie Brockway.
Women's fiction.

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  27. You're next!

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I'd like to read,"Love Potion #9." Thanks for the suggestions. I'm always looking for new books to read.
I need to expand my horizon when it comes to authors. I tend to stick to the same ones:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
thanks for your visit and prayers I am done for now-- I was substitute teaching for the regular teacher who had a death in the Family
oops I put the wrong response I hope your rolls turn out well
I recognize a few of these. Some I may just have to pick up from my favorite second hand store.

Have a great Thursday Thirteen. Thanks for commenting on mine!
Oh, I gotta check out Love Potion #9! Happy T13!
I liked the key series. NR has such a gift. I do love your reviews - I appreciate your insight! :)

Happy TT, Darla!
I've got to read Splendid. I've decided to try and step out of my historical snobbery and start reading other genres this year, including contemporaries. ;)

Happy TT

I love your layout, with the covers and the stars and the links. Very impressive, Darla. The Julia Quinn one looks good, and I have to agree with other commenters: 'Love Potion #9' looks good, too.
Great list, more books for the TBR list. :) Happy TT!
The Silverberg book looks interesting. Happy TT.
Just out of curiousity, about how many pages do you read a month?

Thanks for visiting my 13 iPod song by the Mystery artist.
Hmmm. Pages? Currently, I'd say between 7,500 and 10,000. Rough estimate. I don't usually keep track of the pages, just the titles.
I've got so many tbr's already. Can't. Look. Must. Resist.
Happy TT!
Wow. What a list, I so want to read some of them! :)
Oh to have the time to read...someday:)
Great list!
Thanks for the heads up and for all your hard work reviewing! Great TT!!

Interesting books..all I haven't read! Happy TT!
I just recently finish reading No Regret by Shannon K Butcher and like it. Thanks for recommmend!

Cry for the Moon by Anne Stuart - I may need to get copy of that. Most of her older books are hard to find.

Love Portion # 9 sound good, maybe I check that one out soon :)

Happy TTs - sorry I didn't do one this week. But I will next week. Have a good time on family spring break! And don't forget travelogues! *grin* hugs!
I love anyone who loves books as much as I do, great TT topic.
Check out my Book review blog:
I have a giveaway going on.
Also, I love to connect with folks in other countries. I do the old fashioned pen pal thing if you are interested drop me a comment or email.
Thanks for visiting the Cafe this week for TT.
Citizen Vince looks like fun!
Oh...I have a few in my own TBR pile, but there are a couple here that look really good. Nice TT!
I've been lurking at your other reviews lately. Yep, dreaming of what you'll say when you read Trevor at long last...

One of these days...
Gasp! There's an Anne Stuart I haven't read?!?
I've heard some great things about Shannon Butcher's book
OMG. A Julia Quinn I haven't read! Must. Visit. Bookstore. NOW. Great TT, Darla!
Great list, Darla! I can't wait to read No Control by Shannon K Butcher!
Solid work, thanks!
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