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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cry for the Moon

****½ Cry for the Moon by Anne Stuart. Romantic suspense.

I've been collecting Anne Stuart's backlist. This one's from 1988.

Marielle Brandt is a widow, a destitute one with two small children. All her husband left her besides debts was Farnum's Castle, a dilapidated old apartment building that's said to be haunted. Her plan is to move in with her children, fix it up, and live on the rents.

However, the acerbic Simon Zebriskie seems to be one of the only tenants who actually pays rent. The rest of the denizens of Farnum's Castle are a hilarious melange of misfits that somehow form a family.

Simon is a disc jockey and probably the most normal of the tenants, but even he has secrets. But he's also the self-appointed caretaker of the building and the people, and it doesn't take long for him to go from telling Marielle to go back to her socialite life in New York to taking her and her children under his wing as well.

Adding to the stress of financial woes, there are strange noises, and a series of break-ins. Is it the ghost, or something more sinister?

Cry for the Moon is a fun, quirky story with just enough suspense to keep things interesting. The characters are Characters, with a capital C, and each one's more entertaining than the next.

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