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Thursday, September 20, 2007

TT #66

Thirteen Book Reviews

What with one thing and another--kids back in school, dogsitting, senior pictures (OMG, the kid looks so grown up in a suit!), Carl gone for the week, and of course the ever-entertaining CFS relapse brought about by lack of sleep and all the aforementioned busy-ness--I'm really, really really behind on book reviews. So I was contemplating just skipping a TT this week and trying to knock out a few reviews. Then it occurred to me--why not kill two birds with one stone... or rather 13 birds?

Here are the next 13 books on my list that I've read but haven't yet reviewed. As I finish the reviews, I'll link them to the book cover picture. Wish me luck.

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Good idea for a TT! I'm about that many books behind on my reviews too. My TT this week are photos from a recent birthday party we attended.
Of all these, I only know the Harry Potter book! :-)
Great idea for a TT.. and to help keep track of your reading list!
I'm curious about The Royal Harlot.
Oooh, I can't wait for you to review the Nalini Singh book. I've been curious about her non-Psy / Changeling titles.
Cool list. Interesting assortment you've got going on (what did you think of Blow Me Down?).
Great idea for a 13, now you're publicly committed ;-).

I must admit, the only one I've ever heard of, let alone read, is Harry Potter. That one's in a class by itself though.
Out of all those books, I've only read Harry Potter 7. Happy TT!
I am so behind on reviews to, but with the new author spotlight on my blog I have an excuse to do it again. I have to admit the HP7 is the only one of yours I read.

I'm finishing up a review of Colleen Gleason's first two Gardella Vampire books now (it'll be up at Front Street Reviews) and then I'm reviewing Rebecca Drake's new thriller, also for Front Street.

Sounds like we're all busy right now!
Great list. I'll check back for the reviews.
I've read the Evanovich, the MacAlister and I think the Graves. It'll be interesting to see what your views are on them.
A nice mix. The first one - Guns, Germs and Steel - looks pretty interesting.
I'm reading Lean, Mean, 13 by Evanovich right now. Such an easy and fun read. Thanks for the King Bidgood recommendation. Mommy could use a little variety!! ;)
I'll be interested to know what you think of Plum Lovin'. (You know how much I love the Stephanie Plum series!)

Happy TT!
Great idea. There are a few of these I'll be checking back to see what you say about.

I haven't read any of Nalini's Harlequin releases, but I LOVE her Psi series! And I haven't read a D Smith for a while.
Wow, you've been reading! I only have one review to do right now, whew. I'll be interested in your review of the Deborah Smith- I've only read one of hers but always meant to read more.
I've read one of those, and I'm pretty sure you can guess which one! Happy TT13 :P
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