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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Plum Lovin'

**** Plum Lovin' by Janet Evanovich. Mystery.

I ended up reading this out of order--mostly because I forgot about it. Whoops.

But that's not that much of a problem, because these between-the-numbers books (meaning Visions of Sugar Plums and this one, though I suspect there'll be more forthcoming) are just a wee bit off the series' track. The cast balance is shifted--Ranger and Morelli, and even Grandma Mazur and Lula are relegated to the sidelines, and the focus shifts to mystery man Diesel (we learn in this book that he's an Unmentionable--it's been a while since I read Sugar Plums, but I don't remember that being... er... mentioned). It's also where most of the plot developments with Stephanie's sister Valerie occur. And it's got a touch of the supernatural.

So, I'm a wee bit confused by everybody who was screaming that Ranger and Morelli were missing, and why was Evanovich changing the series, etc., etc. It's really the same format as Sugar Plums, and it's obviously not a regular series book, or the title would have a number. I'm guessing it's short memories.

Anyway. Knowing what to expect, I wasn't disappointed.

Stephanie's job collides with Diesel's when her FTA, Annie Hart, turns out to be somebody Diesel is keeping under wraps. So they make a deal: Steph will help Diesel do Annie's job, then Diesel will turn her over to Steph.

The job: relationship expert. They have to ensure that Annie's three clients have happy Valentine's Days. Of course, this being a version of the Plum-verse, it's not all that easy. It gets more complicated, and more personal, when it turns out that the third client is none other than Albert Kloughn, who would be Stephanie's brother-in-law if marriage didn't terrify him. So now it's up to Steph and Diesel to get Albert to the altar with Valerie.

Lots of fun, lots of laughs, short quick read. Between-the-numbers. Remember that. You'll enjoy the book a lot more that way.


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You mean Plum Loving can be read out of order? I haven't read this book yet, but I am caught up with the series books though. I just need to read Lean Mean Thirteen and than I will be ready for book 14... ;)
Actually, it takes place just before Lean Mean Thirteen, so if you can read Plum Lovin' first, you'd probably want to. It's got Valerie & Diesel's wedding, in it, but that's not a surprise--we knew they'd get married--and in Lean Mean Thirteen, they're already married. That's really the only continuity problem I see with reading this one out of order.

I could be wrong, of course--it's been known to happen. ;-)
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