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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Collector

**** The Collector. Adult.

Directed by: Brad Armstrong.
Starring: Jessica Drake, Aria, Mike Horner, Randy Spears, Tommy Gunn

No video preview for this one--you'll have to look it up yourself.

This was a gorgeous film, which won four Adult Video News Awards, including best art direction, best non-sex performance (Mike Horner), and best screenplay (Brad Armstrong). The awards were well-deserved.

Jessica Drake plays Cynthia, the assistant to Malcolm, a wealthy collector played by Mike Horner. Malcolm collects anything and everything, until one day Cynthia breaks a hand mirror he'd collected, and that seems to be the catalyst for him to collect something new: sexual experiences. But as a true collector, he only wants to observe his collection, not be part of it himself.

So Cynthia is tasked with providing him with those experiences, finding others to perform for his enjoyment, sometimes joining in, and sometimes simply keeping Malcolm company while he watches.

There's a nice variety of sex scenes and mostly attractive actors. Even a couple of muscular men, which you don't always see in porn movies.

There is a story--though it's fairly thin, it's still quite a lot more than an excuse for sex scenes. There's actually character development and change, as we see Malcolm becoming more jaded, and the effect of her job of Cynthia.

But the best thing about The Collector is the impressive balance between sensual cinematography and hardcore porn. The sex scenes are explicit--nothing's left to the imagination--but the feel of the scenes is erotic rather than dirty. That feel is enhanced by the first-person voiceover narration by Cynthia, who gives her own feelings and opinions as the story unfolds. It's a higher budget film, and it shows in the beautiful sets and the artistic shots. Don't get me wrong--sex is definitely the point of the film. And it's not one of those like The Widow that sticks in unusual camera angles just to be artsy. The Collector uses camera angles and closeups in a way that enhances the story and the mood.

I definitely recommend this one, particularly for couples.

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