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Monday, May 28, 2007

The Widow

** The Widow (La Veuve). Adult.

NSFW cover below the fold.

Directed by: Tony Del Duomo.

Starring: Claudia Rossi, Horst Baron, Jennifer Stone, Laura Lion, Monica Sweetheart, Nomi, Oksana, Remigio Zampa, Tera Bond, Tony Carrera.

We got this one from Sugar DVD. Proof that Wicked Pictures has blah porn along with the fun ones.

Oksana is a young widow whose husband was killed by the mafia. She turns to the local mob boss for help, and ends up one of a group of widows forced to be sex slaves.

Well, that's what it says it's about, anyway. Mostly, it's just a lot of long, not-very-inventive sex scenes with the various widows having sex with various clients. It's mostly anal sex, though we had to ask each other every once in a while if that's what was going on, because you could really only tell during the close-ups.

Originally in French, I suspect the actors did their own dubbing, because they had French accents in English.

There wasn't much dialogue, several of the women looked fairly similar to each other, and the men were never really introduced, so that added to my impression that the movie was just one long dull sex scene after another. Worse was that there didn't seem to be much emotion at all. Even when Oksana is introduced to her new life, she doesn't seem shocked or upset or excited or anything. The same is true of the sex scenes. Nobody seems to be really enjoying themselves.

Maybe that was intentional--I don't know. It could be a French thing. I'm assuming the artistic camera angles and the unusual close-ups (one was of a pimple caused by, I assume, an ingrown pubic hair, that looked remarkably like a nipple) were French things.

Also French, and why this got 2 stars instead of 1, was that there weren't any scary fake boobs, and some of the men were uncircumsized.

Meh. There's better porn out there, but I can see how it would appeal to some viewers.

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