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Thursday, May 15, 2008

TT #99

Spring Break in the Bayerischer Wald
Part 3: the Celtic Village

Over spring break, we rented a vacation house in southeastern Bavaria, near the borders of Austria and the Czech Republic. We thought we might cross those borders, but there was so much to do in the local area, we didn't bother, and ended up spending a lot less time on the road and more time having fun.

This week: the Celtic Village. The previous pix, if you missed them: 1
2 3 4.

You can always click on the pictures to see a larger version.

wood carving at the entrance
Curran & Camden & a Celtic warrior

community house

shelves of potter in the community house
chair, table, beds in the community house--it's dark, but you can see it better on the larger version
me on the steps in the community house--they were carved from a single log

Curran and a statue
Camden and a pottery wheel

another house
weaving loom
Curran & Camden & another statue

There are still pictures from the glass museum, but I think I'll skip those, or save them for another time because next week is my 100th Thursday Thirteen, and I wanted to commemorate it in some way.

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Fabulous pics. Those structures - the houses and barn - are pretty funky. I've never seen anything like them.
The loom was interesting. My son and I had the opportunity to try our hands at weaving while at a local pioneer village.
NOT as easy as it looks!
Great pics. It looks like you guys had fun. $8 dollars a gallon for gas?? Good gravy...thats crazy!! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)
#1 looks like Mickey Mouse!
These are all very intriguing photos. I especially like #11. Thanks for a great post, and Happy TT :)

The Doctor Who episode I wrote about is series 4 episode 6 entitled the Doctors Daughter. I won't say anymore. ;)
Wow! I love the houses and barn - very interesting construction. And the log ladder is wicked cool!

Happy TT!
Hi Darla,

Love your T13 today! Celtic culture rocks! ::coughs:: well, yes, I am part Celt, so of course I would say it rocks. LOL

Love that area of Germany too.
And not just for the excellent beer. :)

Is this Celtic vilage in Bavaria or the Czech Republic? These are great photos. God bless.
I love coming here, I always see the coolest pictures!
Those are cool pics. My husband loves to listen to Celtic music. I think it's part of his heritage.
I'd love to visit the Celtic Village! Great pics.
Thanks for stopping by at my 80's TT.
I never knew about the Celts in Europe until I had a Czech friend. Being of Irish decent, I thought it was an Irish thing. He said that they were like gypsies - pushed out through all of Europe until they got to Ireland and Scotland. Fascinating stuff! Thanks for sharing the photos.

The kids still look happy - how wonderful is that! :)

Happy TT, Darla!
100th TT, Darla! Woo! I'll be back next week for that. I love the community house - it looks a lot like the Welsh dark age houses I've researched for my vampire book.
Wow, what a cool place to visit and you capture it so well! Happy TT!
Wylie, later in the year, they have people there to let you try your hand at the various crafts, including weaving--it would have been nice, but then it was nice to have the place to ourselves, too.

Lori, they pay in euro per liter, so it doesn't look quite so bad, but when I did the math, it was shocking.

butterfly--yes, that's what we thought, too!

Sue, *whimper* as soon as we finished the 3rd series DVDs we were already impatient for the 4th.

Bethanie, that log ladder was also very narrow. yikes.

Cassandra, it did indeed rock. We love this area of Germany, too--wonderful scenery, and there's so much to see and do there!

Sandy, it was in Bavaria, close to the Czech border.

Thanks, Janet & Siteseer!

Tink, I'd like to go back when they have all the reenacters there.

Claudia, there was a long discussion there about the history of the Celts in the area. I knew they'd been in northern and central Germany, but not that they'd spread that far south. And the kids LOVE this sort of thing. They're very into history.

Julia, I'd imagine the Celts had something to do with both.

Thanks, Brenda! I do have to admit that Carl took most of the pictures.
wow looks like you guys had fun!
Wow! Those are cool pictures! Thank you for stopping by!
More lovely photographs. Thank you for sharing them. Happy TT.
Oh, that is interesting celltic statues! Other statue are too. Even the house. And hey, love seeing your cute adorable self there *G*...

Happy TTs and have good weekend ahead :)
Wonderful pics - the design of the barn especially intrigues me, and the steps of the community house. Thanks for sharing more of your vacation with us!
100 TTs? I am in awe. I hope you'll celebrate with lots of these pictures that are so cool that I can hardly stand it. No fair! I want to see neat things like you get to!

(yes, I'm having a tantrum over this. It's been that sort of day.)
First - Wow on your upcoming 100th TT13! What great pics and I love all the statues...looks like you have a great vacation.
You always have the best pics, Darla. Those statutes are really cool!
Great pictures. And congrats on 100TTs (I know I'm early- I'm going on vacation starting Saturday and will be gone, and internetless, for a week). :)
Wow! As usual, enjoyed viewing them all! :)
Thanks for visiting my TT on Japanese motorcycle gangs. :)

I agree with one of the commenters that #1 looks a bit like Mickey Mouse. :)
motherhood f.d: yes, we did have fun.

Thanks, Chelle & Sarah!

Julia--I notice YOU don't post pictures, and you're MUCH cuter and more adorable than I am. ;-)

Heather, I wish the interior pictures of the barn had turned out. The floor was very interesting: made of cross-sections of logs, it was solid and was easy to keep clean. Amazing the ingenuity from 1000+ years ago.

Susan, hmmm. Actually, I wasn't planning on having pictures at all. Maybe I should rethink how to celebrate 100. If it helps, we've lived in Germany for 14 years now, and it's only been in the past year that we've done any sightseeing to speak of, other than the usual yearly trip to Pisa. (it's close to the beach. LOL)

Thanks, Debora and Winter! The statues were actually recreations, but we did see the original when it was on loan to the museum in Darmstadt. Hmmm... wonder if we have any pictures from that trip?

Thanks, Ann! Have a great trip!

Thanks, Melody!

Angelle, I still haven't figured out what those big ears are supposed to mean.
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