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Thursday, April 17, 2008

TT #95

Spring Break in the Bayerischer Wald
Part 1a: Museumsdorf, the houses

Over spring break, we rented a vacation house in southeastern Bavaria, near the borders of Austria and the Czech Republic. We thought we might cross those borders, but there was so much to do in the local area, we didn't bother, and ended up spending a lot less time on the road and more time having fun. This is the first part of the pictures from the museum village near Tittling, focusing primarily on the houses.

You can always click on the pictures to see a larger version.
a kitchen
you can easily see the style from the outside of this one because of the open wall--the living quarters on one side, the barn on the other--all under one roof
me outside one of the houses

here's the barn side of one house
...and the living quarters side


this won't show up unless you enlarge the picture, but on the bench are musical instruments--a trumpet standing up, and Camden was interested in the antique clarinet lying next to it


a cupboard bed on the left, and that dark spot on the bed on the right is a cat.
me, Curran, & Camden

Next week: the vehicles.

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Great view. I wouldn't bother to cross the border too if I have these interesting houses nearby. Happy TT!
I want a cupboard bed...for my kids...with a lock on the outside!!!
How quaint - sounds like so much fun!
How interesting! Such an old fashioned place; LOVE the beds!
Looks like a great place to visit!
what fun and a cool museum
That all sounds so lovely. I obviously need to come hang out with you! :)


I love your pictures. You take me to such great places. Happy TT!
Looks like a very fun and interesting place. I'm looking forward to more pictures. A cupboard bed would be very cool..
Happy T13 thanks for stopping by my post today.
Very cool TT :)
i've been to austria & the czech republic.

What a cool place for a vacation!
Boy, you have the greatest adventures! Really. Thanks for sharing them with us - so very cool! :)
OMG, how cute is that house? That's way better than staying in a hotel. I'm going to have to look into this :-D
Interesting photos. Thanks for sharing them. Happy TT.
These are awesome pics...I love how the houses look and are constructed it's fascinating. #7 is so delightful I could imagine many happy hours visiting and cooking there. How was the food?

My boyfriend and one of my best friends are Czech-Americans and I would very much like to visit there.

Here is my late TT list for this week:

Great pics - looks like an interesting area to visit!

That's a very pretty area, you got some very interesting shots! :-)
Sounds fun!!! :D
Wonderful photos as always, Darla! Thanks for sharing so many fascinating trips with us. I love #7 and #12 the best.
Wonderful photos as always, Darla! Thanks for sharing so many fascinating trips with us. I love #7 and #12 the best.
Looks like a nice diversion ...

Thanks for stopping by my Hollaback Girl edition.
Wow...it looks like you guys had a great time. Dont you just love vacations??? Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)
I love it when you post pictures of Germany! I never went to this area but I sure do enjoy sharing in your travels.

Happy TT.

Grace, I was surprised at the number of sightseeing opportunities within a half hour's drive--we didn't even see half of it, and it looked like it was the middle of nowhere.

Di--now there's an idea! :)

Tamy, it was quaint--I loved the village set-up because it really gave the feeling of what it must have been like to live there.

Janet, I'd read about those beds once when I was a kid, and always wanted one.

Dragonheart & Merlin--it's not all that far from where you are. Might be a nice day trip for your humans. :)

Marcia, we always like the small, out-of-the-way places, and this was very cool.

Xakara, you sure do! Just let me know when! :)

Brenda, that's the fun of posting vacation pictures--I get to take you all along with me!

KC, there'll definitely be more pictures. We pretty much filled up our camera. Even weeding out the duplicates, the boring ones, and the ones that didn't turn out, there are still several weeks' worth of TTs there. :)

Thanks, RG!

She, I've been to Austria & the Czech Republic, too, but not all that extensively. My daughter had a 3-day field trip to the Czech Republic when she was in 5th grade--we lived quite near the border then.

Natalie, it was cool--especially the first day, when I was really glad we'd brought along our winter jackets after all. Heh.

Claudia, after not going much of anywhere for the first 12+ years we spent in Germany, we're starting to make up for it now.

Danica, unfortunately, that's not the house we stayed in, which was much less cute, but also much more comfortable. Still, definitely worth checking out.

Thanks, Sarah! I love sharing pictures--that way I get to experience the vacation all over again!

Candy, if you visit, make sure you stop by here, too! The food the first day was really excellent--traditional Bavarian and just delicious. Great atmosphere, too. We'd probably have done well to just eat at the same place every night, but we wanted some variety.

It was very interesting, Heather. If only history had been like this when I was in school!

Thanks, Frigga!

It was fun, Melody. I'm so glad we went.

Thanks, Julia! I wish the cat on the bed had shown up better--at first, we thought it wasn't real, until it moved.

CajunVegan, you're right, it was a nice diversion--one I think we all needed.

We did have a great time, Lori! And yes, vacations are the best! It worked out well this time, too, since we came back before the weekend, so we had time before jumping back into the daily routine.

My pleasure, Harris! We'd never been to this area, either, and were surprised how much there was to see there.
Looks fun!
Love your photos! It always interesting to see the many places you go when you on vacation...like you said, it sure does feel like I've been there with you during your travelogue photos *grin*

Thanks for sharing...now where are you guys going to next? :)
what a cool way to live, Darla, don't you think? Unless it's smelly, in which case, it might be miserable.

But it's good incentive to keep that barn clean!
Julia, the next place we go on vacation will be San Antonio. But don't worry--there are still plenty of pix left from this one!

Susan, I suspect it was probably pretty smelly, but at least you didn't have to go outside to milk the cows or slop the hogs.
I would love to see it. It's like going to historic forts & such. What a fun outing!
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