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Thursday, April 24, 2008

TT #96

Spring Break in the Bayerischer Wald
Part 1b: Museumsdorf, the vehicles

Over spring break, we rented a vacation house in southeastern Bavaria, near the borders of Austria and the Czech Republic. We thought we might cross those borders, but there was so much to do in the local area, we didn't bother, and ended up spending a lot less time on the road and more time having fun. This is the second part of the pictures from the museum village near Tittling, focusing primarily on the vehicles. The first part, last week, focused on the houses.

You can always click on the pictures to see a larger version.
these first several vehicles are
obviously newer than most of
the rest of the village

Camden & a bus
Camden on a tractor


Curran and a carved horse--it was apparently made from one solid log, something that's impressive here because due to small land area and centuries of logging, there are very few trees of any size
a horse-drawn fire engine

a horse-drawn ambulance
a horse-drawn hearse

Camden in a swinging basket
Camden & Carl
Curran, me, & Camden

Next week: the mills and chapels.

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Interesting! What an eye-opener. :)
that looked fun, but the pictures of the people didn't seem to quite match their bodies:) teehee
How neat! Great photos!
It looks like you guys had fun. What great pics:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by my friend....
What a great stop! Sometimes these little treasures pop up and pull you in...thank you for sharing darlin'!
Thank you for sharing these-how cool!
Love that swinging basket!
I love your dress there! Is it machine washable? You know I love these posts - thanks so much for sharing your travels with us! :)

Happy TT!
I love the horse-drawn ambulence and hearse best. Very cool.

More, please!
Wow the photos were interesting! The red bus was unsual and what a cool car. Sound like you guys had fun, especially the photos of the people who body does not matches the faces LOL!
I found your link at KC’s and enjoyed the pictorial history lesson in your T-13 today very much. Mine’s at Small Reflections rather than my other blog today.
Hugs and blessings,
How cool! I wish I'd been there with you guys; this is the sort of stuff I can just sink into and soak up.
I love old vehicle museums! Ohio has quite a few. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for visiting my T13 Homage to Earth Day
Sounds like a wonderful vacation, and I loved the pictures. If you like to write letters, and would be interested in being pen pals, drop me an email sassylucylootoo@yahoo.com
Thanks for dropping by The Cafe for my TT this week.
Look at those marvelous old vehicles! Happy TT.
Great pictures. What a nice vacation!

Happy TT!
What a cool museum!
That carved horse is impressive and amazing. Great pics, Darla!
Very interesting. Ambulance and hearse side by side: hmm!
Wow, what great photos!
wonderful photos.
Ooh, I'm envious! Sounds like my kind of vacation.
I recently saw one of those old cars passing me by on the center of my hometown. Totally cute!
Great Pictures. Vacations like that are wonderful! Have a great weekend.
I'm glad you liked the pix. We had fun making silly faces in the cut-outs--mostly because we were the only ones there.

Tilly--I just love the little treasures like this. So much more fun and interesting to me than the big famous places.

The ambulance was my favorite, but I thought it was amusing posting it next to the hearse.

Nice to meet you, Storyteller & Chris!

Dane Bramage--old vehicle museums are the best! When we lived in Michigan we had season passes to the Henry Ford Museum, and never tired of visiting there. Here, we have season passes to the Auto-Technik museums, which are a pair of similar places, but somewhat smaller. And last year, we went to a little motorcycle museum. BIG fan of old vehicle museums!

Sassy, I'd love to, but I'm a horrible correspondent.
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