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Thursday, November 15, 2007

TT #74

Thirteen Vacation Photos
Part 2c.1: Bayern: Kreuzeck: wildflowers

In the beginning of August, we took a week-long trip to Bavaria with all three kids and Carl's mom. Unlike our usual habit, we did touristy things every day, which made Dagny very happy. If you missed them, I also did TTs about the castles we saw on the trip, about Garmisch and the Eibsee, and about the Kreuzeck, which is where we found these wildflowers.









I ran out of wildflower pix, so you get these--they may be wild, but they might possibly object to being called flowers:


No, I have no idea what kind of flowers they are. They were just pretty. I hope we can go back in the spring, when there'll be a lot more wildflowers. It was really nice to post these pictures today--I woke up this morning to snow. brrrr. No, I didn't take pictures. It was too depressing.

In case it's not obvious, click on the pictures to see the larger version.

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The flowers and the wilds = all beautiful!!! Great TT!!!
I like number 2. What lovely pics!
Love those tiny blue ones! :) Great pics! Happy T13!
Isn't the first an Edelweiss? Small and white, clean and bright... I love SoM.
Great idea to chase away the winter blues. I did a T13 on wildflowers once as well. Think I'll wait until we have our first snow, and do it again. Happy T13!
Beautiful! And snow, ummm, no thank you, in fact I'm heading in the opposite direction for the sun :-)
I love the tiny blue ones too. What gorgeous pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful time.
Beautiful pictures. It's chilly, wet and cloudy here today and those pictures brightened my day.
All flowers in blue-purple colors are my favorite. Great pictures!

Awww sorry that you're having depressing day with the snows...I can sent you a warm sun, to make you feel better.....Or not you come over here and enjoy the sun with me. Although it is windy and sometime chilled, the sun alway managed to sneak in.....

Happy TTs!
They are beautiful flowers! I couldn't tell you what they are, but they are very nice pics!
I do love the sexy kid pictures. They are so cute and must be so fun.

Ok, don't laugh. But it always amazes me that the SAME flowers that grow here in Colorado (US) grow in places as far away as Bavaria. What a small world we live in!

The flower pictures are delightful- thank you for sharing them!
The flowers are all so beautiful!! and I love your last 3 ones, they are the cutest!
happy Thursday :)
We're supposed to wake up to snow tomorrow, too. I may be back to visit the pretty flowers and the wild things. We'll have to see.

As for Trevor, YES, he makes mistakes! Millions of 'em. He's a horrid bass player, and everyone knows it!
Great pics...thanks for sharing. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)
Lovely photos. Wish I could help but I don't recognize them either.

Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
Beautiful! I love wildflowers. Someday when I get my rear in gear and start growing something I'd like to plant a wildflower garden.
Lovely! I can never take pics of flowers. They always turn out blurry. Is it me or my camera? Who can tell...
Those are lovely. Happy TT!
such pretty flowers; i love #3!
Beautiful photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and happy TT!
I love the idea of flowers you ahve seen in your travels. Wonderful way to look at holidays. they would make a great album too.

Hey so good to be catchign up regularily. Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Is it difficult to get a turkey over there? Or do you go to MESS for celebration?
More great pics!
Love the flowers!
Those are beautiful flowers, Darla! Wow, so it's snowing already! I wish we have it over here though...hehe.
You've got very beautiful/handsome children, Darla, as I'm sure you know. The flowers are pretty, but they don't have such friendly/funny expressions on their faces.
Beautiful flowers. No snow here, but we had a cold front move through, rain and wind and a 20degree drop in temp. Brr. Happy TT.
I Love travel photos, especially ones that bring warmth to mind when it's getting so cold here.

Those are beautiful shots.

Thanks for coming by. :)

Pretty flowers - love the white one in the first picture!
You're handy with a camera--I've wanted to take a photography class someday and really learn how to shoot a picture.
Beautiful photos! :) The wildflowers are lovely, and the other "wild" things are good-looking too!

We've had snow falling here in Munich, but mostly it melts when it hits the ground. It's stuck around in a few places though, but fortunately not a lot of it.
Those are so gorgeous---what beautiful photographs. I love the photographs of the mountains. Thank you so much for sharing.
Beautiful photographs!!!!
Thank you for sharing them with us.
Happy TT!
Julia, thanks for the offer--you know I'd love to take you up on it! **smooches**

Thanks everyone for the comments on the kids--I swear we won the kid lottery--I couldn't ask for more wonderful kids. *sniff* (yes, I'm hormonal--what was your first clue? *g*)

Candy, thanks for asking: we already bought our turkey from the commissary, and the family and possibly a couple of friends will be descending on us on Friday afternoon (they're German--they don't get Thursday off) for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm looking forward to it with equal parts anticipation and trepidation. :)

I suppose I could admit that Carl was the one who took the pictures.... and possibly that the rest of us started getting really annoyed while he was taking his time getting them just right. LOL He's the artistic one of the two of us.
Wonderful TT! I adore wildflowers. I really get annoyed when people persist in calling them weeds. #3, for example, I think it's scabiosa, which you can buy in the garden center here in Canada. And #9 we have growing wild in Nova Scotia, we call it bird's foot trefoil.
Wow. I went looking for your TT and it's already buried under a ton of reviews. You must type 100 wpm.

Lovely kids, Darla :)
Thanks for visiting my black panther TT! I'm very late with my return visit, but I'm glad I did come! The flowers are so beautiful!! And so are the flowers-that-don't-want-to-be-called-flowers! ;-)
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