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Thursday, November 08, 2007

TT #73

Thirteen Vacation Photos
Part 2c: Bayern: Kreuzeck

In the beginning of August, we took a week-long trip to Bavaria with all three kids and Carl's mom. Unlike our usual habit, we did touristy things every day, which made Dagny very happy. If you missed them, I also did TTs about the castles we saw on the trip, and about Garmisch and the Eibsee.
at the bottom of the hill

ticket hut

Alpine train
view from the cable car

cable cars






Here's the link for the Kreuzeckbahn. This is all scenery, pretty self-explanatory, so no captions. The kids were all wacky that day--mostly playing Zoolander, which explains the poses in #7 & #8.

In case it's not obvious, click on the pictures to see the larger version.

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Wonderful photos! Such beautiful scenery. :)

As for Veterans' Week, well, the entire week is to honour all those who have served, but the holiday is Remembrance Day, November 11th. That's the day that all government offices are closed and when all the Remembrance Day ceremonies take place.
I have mountain envy. We live in the land of FLAT. Haven't seen a mountain in years. Would probably freak me out :)
Those are gorgeous pictures!!! Great TT. I'll have to check out the castles one too.
How wonderful. I'm not traveling now, so you can't imagine my delight in seeing your pictures! I love the sexy poses the kids have. They seem like they are really fun - good job!

Happy TT!

**sigh** I've never been to Europe yet.
I like #13 best...it reminds me of the path to Hagrid's hut in the Harry Potter movies!
LOVE the kids' poses! That's too funny!

As for the rest, how could you stop looking at those gorgeous mountains? Wow. I think I'd just sit there and stare until I fell into a trance and started drooling.

I've got a thing for mountains. Weird, I know, but there you go.

Happy TT, babe!
I LOVE your photos..especially #11. I don't know how you managed to leave. I've never traveled overseas, so I'm happy to see your pictures. Great TT. Thanks for visiting mine. Happy Thursday!
Gorgeous photos. It's funny how different various mountain ranges can look. I live in the mountains but they look nothing like those. They're exquisite. I'd love to visit that locale someday.
Beautiful pics...the ski is so blue!! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)
Hearty LOL at the Zoolander poses. I love that movie! Karen always criticizes it as being too easy of a target. I say, who cares. It's funny.
Those cable cars are cool. I love the mountains behind. Happy TT!
Wow! Awesome pics.
Great photos. Beautiful part of the world you were in...
Those are lovely pics and a great way to present them for a TT :) Love the poses too.
I can't wait for the ski season to begin!
Happy thirteening.
I love Germany, went there last year and couldn't wait to go back again.
The mountain pictures shouts like "The hills are alive...with the sound of music" Lovely photos.
As always, beautiful pictures and intense jealousy.
Number 11 is a simply gorgeous shot of the mountainscape. Love it!

Pretty photographs. Happy TT.
Those are great, Happy T13
#9 and #12 are my favorites - those rocky outcroppings are gorgeous.
Those are wonderful photos! Wow! #11 is my favorite.
Love #2

Beautiful photos. Zoolander? as in Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Zoolander? Too funny.

Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen #55 13 Favorite T.V. Theme Songs
I love travel shots, make me regret being stuck home so much.

I used to live in Augsburg and travled quite a bit...Thanks so much for the memory refresher!

Thanks for the virtual trip, I love seeing others' travel photos.

Also, thanks for coming by and for the compliment on my excertp. :)

Truly beautiful shots. Bavaria's stunning!
Great photos, Darla!
I'm glad I'm not the only one with mountain envy, no mountains here, and not even many hills. Those are beautiful pictures (I went back and looked at the castle pics- awesome). Happy TT. :)
Darla, this is a very beautiful mountain pictures! And it great to see your kids and husband in the pictures...but where you? *grin*

Thanks for sharing!
Bavaria is beautiful! Great pictures.
Thanks for visiting my symbols TT!
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