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Thursday, October 18, 2007

TT #70

Thirteen Vacation Photos
Part 2a: Bayern, the castles

In the beginning of August, we took a week-long trip to Bavaria with all three kids and Carl's mom. Unlike our usual habit, we did touristy things every day, which made Dagny very happy.
the path leading to Neuschwanstein
the front gate of Neuschwanstein
looking through the gate of Neuschwanstein

interior picture of Neuschwanstein (Carl was being sneaky--you're not allowed to take photographs inside the castle. The kids gave him hell for it.)
view, including Hohenschwangau (the yellow castle on the hill) from a window in Neuschwanstein

the horse-drawn carriage that took us up to Hohenschwangau (a concession to my mother-in-law's knees)
Camden by a fountain in the courtyard of Hohenschwangau

one of the gardens at Linderhof


inside the Grotto at Linderhof
Moorish chapel on the grounds of Linderhof
the interior of the Moorish chapel

We weren't allowed to take pictures of the interiors of any of the castles, but you can see a lot of them on the castles' websites: Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau, and Linderhof.

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Those are wonderful photos! It sounds like you had a good trip to Bayern! :) My humans have been to Neuschwanstein, and bought a book that had photos of the interior, since you aren't allowed to take photos inside. They haven't visited Linderhof yet, but it's on their list of places to visit.
Great photos! I love visiting castles in Europe!
Oh, they really should visit Linderhof while they're still in Munich! It's much nicer, I thought, than Neuschwanstein.
Oh... I love castles! I used to watch a TV show about them a few years ago. *wg*
5 is just breathtaking. What wonderful pictures!
I love those pictures. Beautiful. I've been to Linderhof.
These are gorgeous pictures. I want to be wherever you are. I adore Europe and wish I were returning soon. Absolutely lovely TT.

Thanks for stopping by.
Darla, I totally wish I'd been there with you -- how very cool! I'd love to tour castles like that one day.


one day...

Happy TT!!
What awesome pics...it looks like a wonderful place to visit:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
Beautiful pics!!
Ah, what would German tourism be without good old Ludwig II. Love the pictures. (Even the elicit ones)
Oh I love photo TTs and yours are fabulous! Looks like you had a wonderful time. :)
Wow how wonderful that you could visit all of these! Happy TT!
I'm so jealous! I have always wanted to go see both castles. We were in Germany for 6 years and didn't get to go. Thats what being pregnant all the time does to ya.
WOW! Those castle pics are beautiful!
Awsome pics! I think I want to own a castle. But only if I can have an army of servants to go with it.

Thanks for visiting my T13 #52 13 Comic books made into movies"
Lovely photos. Happy TT.
Dang I wanna go on vacation. Ever since I set my first MS in Salzburg, been dying to go explore Austria and Germany. *grumbles*

Happy TT ;)
Very cool. That is one place I want to go, heck anywhere is great for me. It's been 5 years since I had a vacation. HELP!! Happy TT
Great pics! I love castles, I love Bayern; good combination! ;-)
Thanks for visiting my fungi slideshow TT!
WOW Darla, I love the pictures! It seem like you and your family had a great times. Wish I was there. Maybe someday IF my family decided to visit my aunt in Germany, I come to visit you...oh wait..you won't be there long. Sooner you be heading home in TX. *grin*

Thanks for sharing your pictures! Happy Belated Thursday Thirteen!
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