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Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Morning Meme

Halloween Meme

Found at
Never Never Land


1. What past Halloween costume of yours do you remain particularly proud of?
I won a prize when I was a kid with an Ichabod Crane costume--hooked nose made of Silly Putty is all I remember clearly.

2. Are there any other costumes – worn by someone other than yourself – that you remember as being really clever?
Some of the kids' classmates' moms came up with some awesome costumes over the years. A thunderstorm was pretty memorable.

3. What was the lamest costume you've ever seen?
Well, the German kids who would come trick-or-treating didn't really get the idea. A funny hat was about as good as it got.

4. As a child (under 18), did you ever dress up as a Star Wars character for Halloween?
*cough* I was 16 when Star Wars came out. Much too old for trick-or-treating (IMO then, anyway), and too young for the cool parties of a couple years later.

5. What's the sexiest Halloween costume you ever wore?
I never really wore a sexy Halloween costume. Always went for scary or funny. Closest would be the year Carl dressed up as a vampire and I was his victim. White wig, pale makeup, ragged clothes.

6. Can I see a photo of that?
There's one somewhere, but like I said--not particularly sexy.


7. During your primary treak-or-treating phase, was there ever a year when you did NOT go out? Why?
Not that I can remember. Although I do remember having to wear a winter coat over my costume a few years. Ah, Michigan....

8. What kind of candy in your trick-or-treat bag did you never, or almost never, eat?
Necco wafers. Yuck.

9. Did you ever pull any “tricks,” like smashing a jack o'lantern or TP'ing someone's house on Halloween?

10. What was the most unusual “treat” you received at a neighbor's house?
Compared to today's standards, they were all unusual: homemade cookies, popcorn balls, caramel apples, quarters. The candy bars were the unusual treats.

11. How old were you when you went trick-or-treating for the last time?
Twelve, IIRC

12. Do trick-or-treaters come to your door, where you're living now?
Holy crap, do they ever. Hundreds of them. Hordes. You can't even shut the door between trick-or-treaters--it's a steady stream. We start stocking up on candy in September.


13. What's a little-known or underrated scary movie you'd recommend to people this Halloween?

Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre, but only if you're over 18. :)

14. Do you believe in ghosts?
No. But I also don't believe we know everything there is to know.

15. Have you ever seen a dead human body, outside of a funeral?
Yes. I worked at a hospital. People died.

16. What's the most frightening thing that ever happened to you personally?
Chest pain and shortness of breath. I feel stupid about it now, but at the time, I was scared.

17. Who's scarier looking, Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld?

Cheney. That's the face of pure evil, there.


18. Do you wish Halloween would just be celebrated on the last Saturday of October, when you could really cut loose, instead of the 31st every year?
Well, maybe. It does make it tough on the (parents of) kids, when there's trick-or-treating in the middle of the week, and confusing when some neighborhoods have official trick-or-treating on days other than the 31st. Parties, however, can be any time, and it's not a big deal.

19. Provided you had the resources, would you rather set up an amazing Haunted House in your front yard (or parking lot, or apartment hallway, or whatever) or go to a really great party wearing the best costume in the room?
Oh, I'd definitely rather set up the Haunted House.

20. Is Halloween your favorite holiday of the year?
It used to be, back when we were younger and went to parties. I still like it, but it's not my favorite anymore.

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