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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre

****½ Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre. Adult, comedy

Directed by: Jonathan Morgan
Starring: Stormy, Jessica Drake, Eric Masterson, Voodoo, Tommy Gunn, Randy Spears, Mike Horner

OMG, was this a fun movie. Right up there with Space Nuts. Only this time, instead of spoofing sci fi movies, it spoofs horror movies.

Kirsten (Stormy) and Megan (Jessica Drake) and their boyfriends Todd (Voodoo) and Josh (Tommy Gunn), the captain of the badminton team (!), and their geeky friend Rayford (Eric Masterson), who's making of video of their trip, are on their way to a rock concert when their van hits a vagrant that they proceed to tie to the top of the van, and then they end up lost in the woods near Camp Cuddly Pines.

Their cell phones don't get a signal there, so they split up to find a phone or reception or help. The girls run into the old caretaker (Mike Horner), who tells them the story of the Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre, complete with flashbacks, one of which features Randy Spears as a sheriff.

The guys run into a variety of things: a Native American spirit guide (Cherokee), an attack raccoon, a creepy girl who climbs out of a well (Nicole Sheridan), and of course, the killer.

And of course, all the events involve sex scenes--it may be a horror spoof, but it's also porn.

There's a pretty good variety of sex scenes in here, though nothing too extreme. The actors are all attractive and reasonable-looking, and there's a distinct lack of scary fake boobs, which is always a plus. A couple of the women were very flexible--particularly the spirit guide. They also did a nice job on the flashbacks--the clothing and hairstyles from the 50s and the 80s (IIRC) were convincing and the actors fit their roles.

And there's one scene with Rayford that's shown partially through his video camera that's interesting and clever.

I'm not using "actors" lightly, either--as opposed to "performers," which is what you usually see in porn. They were convincing and the dialogue sounded realistic, and not stilted. Stormy, for example, was hilarious as the ditzy blonde, and Jessica Drake played her exasperated friend just right. Eric Masterson made a fun and convincing geek.

A review on the IMDB says "This spooky, comic sex romp is everything "Scary Movie" attempts to be, except with jokes that are actually funny." which says it all. As does the fact that a couple of times we were tempted to fast-forward through the sex scenes to get to the next part of the plot.

This was a nice blend of funny and sexy, maybe leaning a bit toward the funny side, and just good adult fun. I enjoyed it very much.


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