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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Link of the Week

Peeps Show III

What's an Easter basket without Peeps? If you're inclined to play with your Peeps, these dioramas might give you some inspiration. But love them or hate them, you have to enjoy the whimsical creativity of some of these artists.

This is a link to the third Peeps Show. The page also has links to the first two: (1 and 2). By the time this posts, there may even be a fourth. If there is, I'll add it.



That is the cutest picture!

I never heard of peeps till I came to chicago...I bet I would have loved them though when I was a kid.
Ha! Some of the peeps were funnies on video ;) Happy Easter Darla! :)
It's April 15...just checking in on you...

hope all is well...
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