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Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Flashback

From October 2002:

Always a Lady by Rebecca Hagan Lee. Historical romance.

Wow, we've been here long enough to have another sequel on the Book of the Week list! We started too late to catch the first book in this trilogy, but got the second and third books. This one is more a sequel to the first book, Once a Mistress, than the second Ever a Princess.

It was lovely seeing Drew and Wren again, if a little disconcerting, since the last time I saw them, they'd just gotten married! (I read Once a Mistress after reading Ever a Princess, and to tell the truth, I can't remember if they were in Ever a Princess or not.

So sweet, Kit promising Mariah as a child that he'd marry her, and then never eating cake again because of remembering a little girl who wasn't allowed to eat cake because she lived in a convent. Rather ironic that when he first sees her again, she's made him strawberry tarts. Did anyone else get really hungry when reading about those??

I was really afraid that Kit would just assume Mariah knew he loved her and that she'd refuse to marry him because he hadn't said he loved her, without telling him why. Obviously I've read too many books where that happens. Very glad it didn't turn out that way.

What a convoluted string of relationships tied them together---familial relationships and friendships. It took me a while to piece it all together, and I had a few bad moments there when it looked like Mariah had a locket from Kit's father.

It was fun watching Kit do all those things he'd left England to avoid.

And The Squire! Did anyone see that coming?? I sure didn't. What an evil, evil man!!

I can't believe this trilogy is over. I want to know if Dalton marries Iris, and Ash is just crying out for a story of his own. Poor guys! You can't just leave them like that!

But did you read the excerpt from Barely a Bride in the back of the book? That should cheer me up for a bit, until we get back to Ash and Dalton. I can't wait to see these three boys eat their words.
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