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Monday, April 13, 2009

Dance of Dreams

***½ Dance of Dreams by Nora Roberts. Contemporary romance.

This is the sequel to Reflections, and I read them the same month; I just didn't get around to writing about this one until now.

As I suspected in my review of Reflections, I did like Dance of Dreams better, but only slightly.

If I remember correctly, in the previous book, Ruth Bannion was sixteen, so this takes place nine years later (although the book says five, it also says she's 25 now), and Ruth is a rising star in the world of dance.

Unless I'm missing something in my quick memory-refreshing scan through the book, Dance of Dreams is rather unusual, in that there's no real catalyst for the change in Ruth and Nickolai's relationship other than a brief comment by Lindsay (heroine of Reflections, Ruth's stepmother, and Nickolai's former partner) that Ruth doesn't seem happy.

At any rate, Dance of Dreams is the story of the development of their relationship from teacher/student to romance. They're both volatile and passionate, and it shows in the progress of their relationship.

Something else that shows is that this is one of Nora's earliest books, from 1983. And it shares some problems with other romances of that time--like the paternalistic hero, something that gets on my last nerve. At least Ruth isn't the typical heroine for that time period--she doesn't hate men.

It is a nice view into the world of professional dance, with its cutthroat competition and grueling physical challenges, and the detail is handled so masterfully that you'd swear that Nora had previously been a professional dancer. Ironic that she seems to have lost that skill.

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I really confuse this book with one of NR's DREAM trilogy. I still need to get copies of the last two books from trilogy. I know that I've read Dance of Dream and it probably was/is my least favorite too :) But you already know that I love reading NR's books :)
LOL! No, the Dream trilogy has nothing to do with this--and it's much better, IMO. You really need to read that one. You'll like it. :)
Oh I've already read the Dream Trilogy and I love them. I only meant that the titles "Dream" confused me LOL!

I hope you've pre-order NR's latest book VISION IN WHITE (the Bride Quartet book #1) releasing date is April 27 (or is that 28?)
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