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Sunday, October 26, 2008


*** Reflections by Nora Roberts. Contemporary romance. Re-read.

Ballerina Lindsay Dunne left the professional dance world to teach ballet in a small town following a car accident that killed her father and left her mother severely injured and needing constant care.

Now her mother is on the mend, and she's nagging Lindsay to return to the ballet, to fulfill her own dreams--Lindsay's mother had had the desire, but not the aptitude to become a prima ballerina.

Then she meets teenage dancer Ruth Bannion, recently moved into the town along with her architect uncle Seth following the death of her parents. Lindsay immediately sees the teen's potential, and begins lobbying Seth to send Ruth to New York, where she'll get the training she needs and deserves. Seth, on the other hand, thinks Ruth needs time to recover from her parents' death.

Seth and Lindsay fall in love despite their difference of opinion.

I enjoyed the peek into the world of dance, and the classic romance between a couple who are on opposite sides of a fence, but Reflections did have its problems.

While I always hate the mothers in stories who push their adult children in the direction they want them to go regardless of their offspring's desires or best interests, I was also frustrated because that plot thread was just dropped--Lindsay's mother did an abrupt about-face and started concentrating on her own life instead.

Then there was Seth's amazingly sexist attitude toward Lindsay's dancing. It was fine for him to travel around the world for his work, but Lindsay going to New York to dance the opening night of a friend's ballet was occasion for an ultimatum: me or the ballet. Yes, he was worried that she'd go back to the ballet permanently, but so what? He traveled, too, and there was no reason why, if she did go back to professional dancing, which she'd repeatedly assured him she wouldn't, he couldn't just join her there. Gah.

I did enjoy Lindsay's relationship with Ruth, and with Davidov, which perhaps means that I'll appreciate the sequel, Dance of Dreams, more. We'll see.

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