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Friday, March 27, 2009

TBR Challenge for July

Yes, this is extremely late. I did read it on time, however.

For the ultimate in lazy summer reading, read a book whose title reminds you of a nursery rhyme, fairy tale, myth, or legend.

Examples from my shelves:
George and the Virgin by Lisa Cach
(#18)-- the legend of St. George and the Dragon
Goddess of Love by P. C. Cast -- the myth of Venus
Over the Moon anthology -- from the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle

I chose:

The Cupid Connection. Paranormal romance.

The Cupid Connection is an omnibus of three previously published novels--as opposed to an anthology of novellas.

To participate in the challenge, let us know what you read; what fairy tale, nursery rhyme, myth, or legend the title made you think of (make one up if you have to!); how you liked it; and how long it had been in your TBR pile, and leave a comment here linking to your post.

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Didn't realize that Anne Stuart have her own story in this anthology. May have to go search this book :)
Julia, One More Valentine is also available as a stand-alone, which might be better unless you're interested in the other two stories. Of course, since both books are out of print, it just depends on which one you can find. :)
Hmm, I probably just buy ONE MORE VALENTINE in stand alone paperback, for Anne Stuart alone. I love her work! Since am not familiar with the other two

And I can't wait to see what our TBR challenge for April. I didn't do the challenge from the last two months ago, because I was busy trying to get more books reading in for the 50 Challenge Books. But that didn't help because so far I only read 3 books for March *sigh*

Welcome back...well I hope you are! LOL :)
Julia, a list of all the upcoming TBR challenges (as well as the ones I haven't posted about yet) is here. It's also on the JDRobb list website, or on the calendar there. :)

I'm looking forward to April's: it's to read a book by an author you've never read before.
Oh thanks for the tips, Darla. I never realize that you have posted all over the places ;) But than sometime, I always want to see some of your examples that you have that crita the challenge for each months *grin*

Oh no! To read by an author I never read before? Hmm that be hardship, since there plenty of them in my TBR piles. Some are the most recent one. I can't wait to see what book you chose ;)
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