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Monday, October 03, 2005

April 2005 Books

Here's what I read in April:
  1. **** Birthright_ by Nora Roberts
  2. ***** The Dangerous Gentleman _by Julia London
  3. *** Quality of Care _by Elizabeth Letts. Women's fiction about an obstetrician whose childhood best friend dies while under her care. well-written, but not my kind of book.
  4. **** Stupid White Men by Michael Moore
  5. **** The Burning Point_ by Mary Jo Putney. One of her contemporaries. A reunion-type story, but one that's really intense
  6. ***** The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump_ by Harry Turtledove. The EPA, if the world ran on magic instead of technology
  7. **** The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Morgawr_by Terry Brooks. 15th in the series, I think.
  8. ***** "Interlude in Death" by J. D. Robb
  9. *** High Country Pride_ by Lynn Erickson. Old category, western, just not up to their current standards at all.
  10. ****½ Hide Your Eyes_ by Alison Gaylin. First-person romantic suspense--really interesting characters, well-written.
  11. ****½ Sweet Everlasting _by Patricia Gaffney. The heroine's mute, the hero's the town doctor. American historical. The Gaff really has a way with characters.
  12. **** The Big Bad Wolf Tells All _by Donna Kauffman. Humorous contemp about an internet columnist who's being stalked
  13. ***** Rogue Warrior: Option Delta_ by RichardMarcinko & John Weisman. I always like these books, but this one was special, as a lot of it took place in Germany. One cute bit: "Bierstube. literally, a room for beer. what a wonderful concept." LOL Seriously, I highly recommend these for anyone who likes books about SEALS.
  14. **** Bad to the Bone _by Katy Munger. Mystery, a woman gets her husband framed for her lover's murder.
  15. **** The Dark Side of the Sun_ by Terry Pratchett. One of his early, pre-discworld books, about a world run by probability math
  16. **** Home Before Dark_ by Susan Wiggs. Women's fiction with a romance. The heroine is going blind, & wants to see the daughter she had her sister adopt at birth, & is forced to reevaluate her life. and finds love, so it's not all YEC.
  17. *** Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn, ed. by Robert Lynn Asprin. Short stories from different authors, all set in the same fantasy world with the same general cast of characters. It's the 2nd in the series, & I don't have the first. I suspect I'd have liked it better if I'd read the first.
  18. **** George and the Virgin_ by Lisa Cach. Thanks to whoever recommended this--I know somebody here did. Hilarious--professional wrestler TT's to a place where he has to fight a dragon.
  19. **** Her Own Person_ by Carole Nelson Douglas. Old category about an unhappily married woman who meets a model/sculptor
  20. **** Dark Melody _by Christine Feehan. Not one of my favorites of this series
  21. ***** Wild at Heart _by Patricia Gaffney. Another American historical. like I said, she has a real way with characters.
  22. 1993 Silhouette Christmas Stories:
    * "The Man from Pine Mountain" by Lisa Jackson.
    It starts out with the heroine being too stupid to live, and then she compounds it by being a bitch
    *** "Naughty or Nice" by Emilie Richards. A foster home, but the heroine's just a little too much of a cliched Scrooge
    **** "Holiday Homecoming" by Joan Hohl. The best of the bunch. reunited stepsiblings, who'd been separated by the family's horror when they fell in love.
    *** "A Kiss for Mr. Scrooge" by Lucy Gordon. Not bad, but a cliche of an engaged couple who'd been separated by pride
  23. **** Heaven in Your Eyes_ by Judi McCoy. Got this one at TTP. When I asked her about it, she said it was like the movie Heaven Can Wait (one of my favorites). She was right.
  24. ***** Carolina Moon _by Nora Roberts.
  25. ***** Heaven, Texas_ by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. She's definitely become one of my favorites--I've got to figure out which ones I have & which ones I still need.
  26. *****The Morning After _by Dallas Schulze. An old category, but still has Dallas's trademark of going right up to the cliche and then taking a different direction.
  27. ****½ Hopscotch _by Rebecca York. The only reason I didn't give this one 5 stars is that I had trouble with the science. Implanted memories, and twists galore. A LOT of book packed into a slim category.
  28. **** Shadows of Sanctuary, ed. by Robert Lynn Asprin. The 3rd in the series. I was right, I enjoyed the 3rd more than the 2nd, because I was familiar with the characters. Must look for the first one.
  29. ***** Third Time Lucky_ by Claire Cross. Another new favorite. Kind of like Crusie & SEP -- nice cross of romance, humor, & intensity underneath.
  30. ***½ A Stroke of Midnight_ by Laurell K. Hamilton.
  31. **** A Woman of San Francisco_ by Lynn Erickson. Completely different from their current romantic suspense, but fascinating. 1890's San Francisco.
  32. **½ Larger than Life_ by Kay Hooper. Old category, so I cut it some slack, but it was one cliche after the other, and has all the things in it I hated about 1980s category romances.
  33. **** Redwood Empire_ by A. E. Maxwell. Odd coincidence, another historical romance set in 1800's California. This one was about redwood (duh) logging, & a son's complicated relationship with his father.
  34. **** Roses Are Red_ by James Patterson. Okay, Wendy (I'm pretty sure it was Wendy), I've got to find the next one. Serial killer/bank robbers, but he hasn't figured out the mastermind yet.
  35. ***** Seduction in Death_ by J. D. Robb.
  36. *****+ Bet Me_ by Jennifer Crusie. Not sure I've ever read a better book.
  37. ***** Children of the Storm_ by Elizabeth Peters. It was almost too much reading this one after Bet Me. I'm overdosing on good reading here. No idea why I've let the latest books of this series sit in my TBR pile so long. This was fabulous. Just love Ramses. When Nefret shows up & he doesn't say a word, he just holds on.... ==shew== and the way he is with the twins...
  38. **** Lord Will and Her Grace_ by Sophia Nash. Slightly over-the-top Regency, inspired, as you might guess from the title, by Will & Grace . Fun. Pick it up at the May TTP & say hi to Sophia for me.
  39. ***** The Veil of Night _by Lydia Joyce. First novel, and I have to admit when she showed up on the NAL board excited about having her first book published, I was a little skeptical. It's a gothic, which I love anyway, and the atmosphere is wonderful.
  40. ****½ Lest Darkness Fall _by L. Sprague DeCamp. Written in 1939, a TT to pre-dark-ages Rome, and the hero single-handedly tries to prevent the dark ages.
  41. ****½ This Magic Moment_ by Nora Roberts.
  42. **** Bill, the Galactic Hero_ by Harry Harrison. Kind of over-the-top s.f. from 1965. Lots of fun.

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