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Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Flashback

from November 2005:

*** Beautiful. Adult.

Directed by: Michael Raven.
Starring: Randy Spears, Devinn Lane, Stormy, Brad Armstrong, Kaylani Lei

Beautiful is a good couples flick, particularly for those new to the genre. It's a cute take-off on the Snow White story (no seven dwarfs, though!), and has attractive actors and decent production values. For more seasoned viewers, however, there's a lack of variety in the sex scenes, and there's not quite as much humor as I've come to expect from Wicked features.
Originally posted on Sugar DVD (you can google it if you like).

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Oh yes I hate it when there is a lack of variety in the sex scenes! Then you just want to skip around to the good stuff but it's all the same. Very dull, very dull. By the way which types of positions were utilized? Hmm?
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