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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Link of the Week



I used this once to do a Thursday Thirteen, and was saving it in case I wanted to use it again, but I have plenty of Thursday Thirteen ideas, so I'm passing it on.

Just type in whatever you want anagrammed, and you'll typically get a lot of results.

For example, "Nichtszusagen" can be rearranged to spell "Each Zing Stuns," which isn't bad, or "Snug Sea Chintz," which, well, it's a little odd, but if a decorator used it, it sounds kind of pretty. Or how about "Hens Act, Zing Us." Sounds like a headline about a poultry rebellion. "Nag In Such Zest" works, if we're talking about my kids. I think my favorite is "Such Neat Zings"--though I really don't think I write a lot of zings here.

You can use the advanced option to limit the number of words in the anagram, ensure that specific words are or are not in it, etc.

Then there are the headlines, like this one from April 12:

And the Hall of Fame, which includes everything from the simple: Elvis = Lives! to the complex, like an anagram of the curse of the ring from LOTR.

Warning: this can be a definite time-sink. Enjoy!



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