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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Link of the Week


This holiday seeks to rectify the inequality caused by last month's Valentine's Day being centered on the female half of a heterosexual relationship. I presume a homosexual couple could celebrate the same way both months.

The site is marginally NSFW, and some of the links on it definitely are. But you'll want to check them out anyway, because they're pretty darn entertaining.



My husband is a big supported of Steak and BJ Day. Ha! In his dreams. Like I know how to cook a steak!
Oh, Carrie, you know the steaks are the least of it. (For MOST men, that is.)

Darla, I saw this when Kate kinda sorta linked to it. Thanks for the reminder. I'm off to check out the links.
Well, that certainly does seem like a quite reasonable idea. Although I have to admit, I kinda feel sorry for the guys who only get a BJ on March 14. :)
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