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Thursday, February 28, 2008

TT #89

Thirteen Photos of the
Fasching Parade in Michelstadt, part 3

If you missed parts 1 and 2, they're in last week's Thursday Thirteen, and week before last's Thursday Thirteen.

As always, click on the pictures to see a larger version.

clown car?
I'm not sure what the moose is doing among the fancy-dressed marching girls
these guys just walked and drank beer.

harem girls?
a fife and drum corps

these three all went together-- another farm entry. I think the "farm girl" in front was singing.
the front of this has a "farmer seeks a wife" sign--inside are several men dressed as cows. Check out their website--you can vote for the fest's farmer of the year.
and these guys just followed behind. the wheel barrow is full of cans of sausage.

I love these costumes--
I'm tempted to make one
What's a parade without pirates?

the aftermath. you can't really see all the confetti on the ground, but I loved the sun shining on the roof of the Rathaus here.
Curran, Camden, Manfred, Doris, and Carl in front of the city wall
Manfred, Doris, Camden, & Curran on a back street in Michelstadt. Nothing special, just a typical side street.

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How time flies! It's Thursday again... that means I get to see Darla's new pics (and not to mention the creative button, hehe...)! :D

Hope you've a great day today!
Thanks! I decided to go a little simpler this week after deleting my first several attempts because they just didn't turn out right. It's becoming my favorite part of making the Thursday Thirteen, though--frustration and all. :)
But I'm sure you've fun doing the TTs, despite the frustration and all! ;) And I really appreciate the efforts you always put in for these posts.
I love the yellow boots and the guys dressed as cows. How fun!
It's likely just me, but two of the "harem girls" look like guys. *grin*

Thanks for all the effort. After three weeks I feel like was there. :)

Happy TT

Wow! Those pictures are amazing. I don't think I would put one of those costume ON let alone walk around town. I bet they had a blast.

Happy TT!
I know this is always a lot of work but the end result is great and so much fun to watch!! well done, it looks like a great parade. Happy TT!
I love pictures and these are great again. Have a great day!
Did you notice all the interesting footwear? Great fun darlin'!
I would love to visit Germany. I have never been to Europe, but would love to make the trip one day. It's amazing how easily the internet connects us with the world. Thanks for stopping by BrainFreeze. Come back anytime.

Have a great TT
Wow! It's all so colorful and cheery. Love it! :)
What a great thirteen! I love seeing stuff like this. :D
Love seeing your photos again. Very nice to see your family at the end. Since you're staying there for the next few years, one of these days we will see each other...somehow.... *grin*

Now that you're getting the use to loading pictures, I hope to see more of you and your family..if not here but in emails :)

Great photos - happy Thursday!
More great photos. Happy TT.
Wow, it looks like so much fun! I remember when I lived in Augsburg the yummy pretzels street vendors would sell...do that do that at Fasching?
Thanks for the parade!
Looks like a fun parade! Great pics.

Happy TT!
Thank looks like so much fun. I wish I would have went:( Happy TT and thanks for stopping by my friend. Its always good to see you.
Great pictures, I enjoyed the parade. :)
Now, whatever will you do when you run out of parade pix?
Hey, Darla, did you notice the faces on the girls with the moose? Cold and envious of that fur...

Happy TT a day late...
Love the moose LOL.
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