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Thursday, February 21, 2008

TT #88

Thirteen Photos of the
Fasching Parade in Michelstadt, part 2

If you missed part 1, it's in last week's Thursday Thirteen.

As always, click on the pictures to see a larger version.

a local karate school
a drinking and riding float--the sign on the side proclaims this group to the be national office-chair-racing champions
drumming clowns

one of several farm entries--the sign reads "farmer seeks a wife" *
the farmer on the tractor was lucky--he got to ride. these other two guys have to push their wives in wheelbarrows. they did drink beer along the way, though.

a Smurf fife and drum corps
civic and business leaders again, shouting "Helau!" and throwing candy
these two women were following the previous float, walking and drinking beer**, but apparently they were cold, because right after this, the float stopped and they climbed in to warm up.

an entry from a child care center
the same child care center

more marching girls. I'm guessing those thin-soled boots got awfully uncomfortable on those cobblestones
another pub float
a local diving club supporting the smoking ban***--their signs say something to the effect of "dive, don't smoke." No, we didn't get the connection, either.

* I'm pretty sure it's not referring to the TV show, but to the old tradition of farmers' weddings during the Fasching season, which Wikipedia attributes to the Netherlands, but I suspect was or has become more widespread.

And of course periodically yelling "Helau!" and throwing candy. Just take it for granted that they were all doing that, more or less.

News article about the smoking ban (note: the "states" in the article's title refer to German states)

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You know...if I had been blogging in my children's earlier years, I would have known what to do with my parade pictures. Now I just look back at them and say, "Hmmm...I wonder what compelled me to take this picture."
it's a great place to put pictures--much better than stuffed in a drawer or photo album, and I'm too lazy to scrapbook. :)
Another set of great pics, Darla! :D I'm wondering if you took up any graphic design course because all your buttons look sooo good!!!
Thanks, Melody! No, I'm just playing around. I thought last week's turned out better, but the font was fun on this one. :)
Well, I can imagine how good you'd be if you did!!! ;P I like this font...quite unique.
Great photos of the Fasching parade! We are very happy about the smoking ban. It is nice not to be constantly assaulted by cigarette smoke in restaurants and malls!
Great pics, chica! :) Happy T13!
Great pictures! :) Happy Thursday!
Melody: the font is called Snipple and I downloaded it for free here

Dragonheart & Merlin: we're really happy about the smoking ban, too. Especially for smaller restaurants, it's much nicer not to eat in a smoke-filled room.
It's always fun to see different traditions from around the world. happy tt...
The office chair riding and the Smurfs cracked me up. Must have been a great day.
They cracked us up, too, Robin. Silly was obviously the order of the day.
Drumming clowns rock!
I love your photolog.
If digi cameras had been around when my daughter was little I would have probably chronicled her every step LOL
Thanks for stopping in to visit mine
I love parades. I just heard this morning that some St. Patrick's Day parades may not be held in the U.S. because it falls during Holy Week. Thanks for giving me my parade fix just in case I don't get to go to St. Pat's.
What a wonderful TT, I love seeing other cultures this way. Thank you for sharing...maybe me not being able to get into the TT Hub tday has been a good thing, I am exploring via the blogroll and enjoying finding new blogs.
Reminds me of a few parades I've been to. Happy TT.

I lead a boring life next to yours.

As far as Deadly Metal Hatchet T-shirts, if you can help me find an artist who won't charge me $100 to make the design, we can have DMH t-shirts. No problem!
Enjoy the pictures Darla! Sound like you had fun with the camera (or perhap a member of your family did hehehe).

Now I would have expected you to scrap these photos into scrapbooks. Either make photo copies of them and paste it into scrapbook albums or use the original photos and do it. I would go with the first ;)

Happy TTs - sorry I didn't do it this week. Been pretty busy....
Very nice pics!
Ok, I've tried to post here a couple of times....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......

I love these photos. You have a great way of catching people in the middle of their lives. Fun, funny and stupid. As you know we aren't traveling right now, so it's great to live vicariously through you! :)

Happy TT!
Fabulous pictures. You know, I can't remember the last parade I went to. I may have to attend the next local one. It looks like fun.
I love #5; the dog is adorable!
Very cool pictures. Thanks for sharing. Now I have a new place I'd like to visit.
Hi, I just found your blog through Marg's ReadingAdventures and what is the first post I see?
The one on carneval in Michelstadt, which is about 20 minutes from my hometown :-) This sure is a nice coincidence!
Now I have to check out your blog and add it to my Google reader. Thanks!
wonderful pics.
Thanks for the link, Darla. :)
I want to go to a parade!!!!

::stomping feet::

Thanks for stopping by my stank TT.
That looks like so much fun. We have a place that looks similar to that in Southern Cal called Solvang. What a wonder place and probably the closest I will get to seeing something like that. Great pics. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)
Yeah, Solvang does look like that! Very cool pics! Thanks for coming by my TT!
Office Chair Champions - and lots of drinking - these people know how to get through February!
A part two, gotta love a sequel ;)

Thanks for coming by and letting me know I have at least one sale guaranteed next Tuesday.


Great pictures!
Wonderful pics!
I gather Smurfs are still big in Europe?
great pics! Thank you for sharing!
More great photos, Darla!
Susan, I think it's one of those grass and fences things. :)

Julia, hahahaha. Tell you what--if you have time, come sort my pix and put them in scrapbooks for me.

Amanda, in the 14 years I've been in Germany, this is only the second time we've been to a Fasching parade. We've finally decided to just do a lot of the things we keep saying we ought to do someday.

Kathrin, thanks for stopping by--I'll be making your blog a regular stop as well. Nice to meet you!

Doug, yep, Smurfs are right up there with Abba and David Hasselhoff. :)
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