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Monday, February 11, 2008

Free Lovin'

*** Free Lovin'. Adult.

Directed by: Michael Zen.
Starring: Claudia Chase, Mark Davis, Randy Spears, Syren, Tony Tedeschi

We got this from Sugar DVD, primarily because of Randy Spears. Sadly, he wasn't in it much.

Donna (Claudia Chase) and Steve (Mark Davis) move into a new apartment and immediately, they begin dreaming of other partners--Steve dreams of a sorta-dominatrix (Syren), and Donna of a biker (Tony Tedeschi). Turns out the partners they're dreaming of are their new neighbors, Kismet and Jesse.

They give Donna and Steve a "magic lamp"--a lava lamp (cracked me up)--that's supposed to bring... well, I don't really remember exactly what it's supposed to bring, but when either of them rubs it, they get sex.

Randy Spears is Rudy, the handyman, and he doesn't have much to do. Too bad--the movie could have used more of his humor.

There was a good variety of sex scenes--oral, anal, lesbian, and a party at the neighbors'. There was also an outdoor scene (Donna and Jesse), and one in a workshop (Rudy and Jolene, the landlady).

Most of the actors were reasonably attractive, but the landlady was scary looking: fake tan and bolted-on implants, and Jesse had man-boobs and flabby arms. Ick.

Something unusual about this one was the number of extreme close-ups. You could use it for anatomy classes.

Yeah, I know not to expect too much in the way of story-line, but this one had the bones of a story, so I was disappointed that it didn't follow through. A couple who's not getting along real well follow their fantasies in a new place, with the help of a magic lamp--they really could have done something with that. Ah, well.

By the way, I did find a video of the trailer for this one--I'm not posting it, though. It's nothing but a montage of sex scenes. If you're really, really curious, you can Google it for yourself.

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Wow, Darla, you amaze me...you know what? This is a great idea for a review...I am very impressed. It's not somethign I would have thought about per se...but it is a really good idea. I might just get inspired and do a review too!

You're awesome girl!!!

Long time no see...I've been really feeling unable to do TT for a couple weeks...but planing a big one this week...

love this post!
LOL! What can I say--I have varied interests. :)

Looking forward to seeing what you've come up with for a thirteen this week. You always have such thought-provoking ones that I'm not surprised there are times you can't do it.
In his prime that Randy Spears was awesome with the sexing! What form! What technique! Not a bad actor either. I'll never forget him in Night Trips I and II, and the Masseuse way back in the early '90s.
I'll have to see if Sugar DVD has those. He's definitely one of my favorites, and I agree: he's a pretty good actor.
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