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Monday, January 28, 2008

Link of the Week #56

Dead Celebrity Soulmate Search

Yep, it's exactly what the title suggests: a dating game pairing you up with dead celebrities. It's not a quiz--after you input your personality and your choices of attributes for your date, you get to pick one of three bachelors (or bachelorettes, as the case may be... don't blame me for "bachelorette"--I'm channeling the Dating Game), choose what you'll do on your date, and then the game tells you how it turns out.

Little hint: Edgar Allan Poe isn't impressed with friendship posters, and Henry VIII won't go for the pre-date agreement.

Have fun!



I got Valentino, Van Gogh and Poe. No normal dudes in the bunch! I think I'll take Poe for the win.
I got Poe, daVinci, and Henry VIII. I don't think they have normal dudes in the game. :)
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