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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Throbin Hood

**** Throbin Hood. (NSFW link) Adult

Directed by: Cash Markman.
Starring: Alicia Allure, Angelica Sin, Ron Jeremy, Randy Spears

We rented this from
Sugar DVD (NSFW link).

As you might guess from the title, it's more cheesy comedy porn, and bunches of fun. Ron Jeremy is Friar Fuck; Randy Spears is Sheriff Naughty Ham. And instead of Maid Marian, there's Mary Ann (Angelica Sin)

Since it is porn, the tax Throbin Hood (Alec Metro) and his merry men are protesting is a bit different, and instead of Prince John being behind the tax, it's Queen Caroline (Anna Malle). And the archery contest is a wee bit different as well.

In between a really nice assortment of vignettes, the story is narrated, in a way which reminded me a bit disturbingly of Disney's Robin Hood. The sex scenes had more variety than I usually see in this kind of movie, and there was also a nice variety of physical types among the actors.

Sadly, despite the nearly made-for-porn name, there was no Will Scarlett. But Randy Spears was such a good Sheriff he made up for it. Not quite as much fun as Alan Rickman, but then who is?

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Dammitjim, if I'm going to watch Robin Hood porn, I want Will Scarlet! And few things are as much fun as Alan Rickman. He's like Hugh Laurie in that even when he's grumpy, he's a blast :)
I love it when you review porn.
Carrie, I thought of you when I was posting about this--your post a while back about Robin Hood movies was actually what prompted me to put it in our queue. :)

Doug, have you checked any of them out?
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