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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

5 Rooms

***½ 5 Rooms. Adult.

Directed by: Jim Enright.
Starring: Devinn Lane, Randy Spears

This is basically the porn version of the movie Four Rooms: what happens in various rooms in a hotel, New Year's Eve, and a bellhop (a vastly amusing Devinn Lane) who gets peculiar requests.

There's the bachelorette party, with 3 rather hard-looking women whose stripper doesn't show up, so our bellhop is asked to fill in.

There's the married couple with Randy Spears as the workaholic spouse. I enjoy Randy Spears anyway, even in a non-comedy role, and his wife (played by "Dee") was very attractive--unusually so.

There are the two women who are looking for adventure who hire a couple of guys for the evening--they need the bellhop to bring condoms, which ends up being really funny.

There are the young lovers... well, she looks young ("Gauge" is really perfect for the part--she's very cute, and acted well), but he (Joel Lawrence) looked to be mid-30s at the youngest (I looked him up--he was 37 when the movie was made), and trying to act like an 18-year-old just didn't work.

And then our bellhop is cleaning up a room after a party, and discovers a naked young woman passed out, which is the funniest running storyline through the film. She gets her into a laundry cart, and... well, okay, I'm not going to tell you the whole story.

None of the vignettes alone was all that outstanding, and there was a lot of lesbian action which isn't my cuppa, but the added humor of the bellhop (who doesn't speak, by the way, until the very end) made it worth watching.


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