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Thursday, October 11, 2007

TT #69

Thirteen Vacation Photos
Part 1a: The Nicest Rest Stop in Italy

As promised in #10 from my TT 2 weeks ago. Yes, this is silly, but I couldn't resist when I realized we had taken 13 pictures at that rest stop.

the entrance
inside the open section--I assume there'll eventually be maps or posters of things of interest on the blank spaces
water fountain and playground

picnic table and view of mountains--it's very nice that the picnic tables are covered--it was sunny and somewhere around 100°F
view from the north end

the restroom building
the automated restrooms are why we took so many pictures. there are only three, oddly enough--1 male, 1 female, 1 handicapped. the pix are of the handicapped stall.
the interior--it's all metal and the floor is rubber

press the green button and about 3 squares of toilet paper come out--fortunately, there's no delay, and you can press it more than once.
you know how you can never find just the right spot to trigger the sensors on automatic hand dryers? the sensors on this actually work--start from the left, and it squirts soap, then water in the middle, then the dryer on the right.

the exit button. after you push it and exit, the door closes again, and the place is sterilized.
having lunch
the way out. if you click on the larger version of this picture, you can see Moby in the parking lot (it's the biggest vehicle there)

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Man - even the rest stops are cool in Italy. We have yet to make it there and with less than a year here it's quickly looking like we won't.
What a great rest stop!! Haven't seen anything like it :)
Enjoyed your pictures, happy thirteening!
Now that is my kind of rest stop. Only the Italians! Looks beautiful, in that odd, off beat sorta way.
OOooooohhh... Love it! Makes me want to be there right now. :)
Very cool. The picnic table with the mountainview is gorgeous.
Now I know we dont have any potty (yes, I have young children...I say potty still)stop places that nice around here.

Wow, those look really nice!
You have pics of an Italian restroom on your blog. I love the internet. (And I haven't forgotten about your dancing meme.)
The toilet is very user friendly! Thanks for dropping by my TT earlier.
Now that's just beautiful. We all need to go to Italy. (Okay, I wanted to go anyway and this is just yet another excuse, but still. *grin*)

Happy TT and thanks for coming by, D

Nice and clean? No?
That is a really cool rest stop.
I tried to sign the Linky thing but it wasn't working, no place to click to sign it.
Happy T13
Compared to what we have here, that's pure luxury. I really like the toilet paper dispenser, although that sink is cool, too. And the room sanitizes itself -- TOO awesome. No more gross gas station bathrooms!

oh, I can only dream, huh?

(btw, using Sharpies instead of makeup on a rock star is flirting with real danger. But man, you made me laugh at that!)

Happy TT, babe!
Wow! Unless it's my kids I have a hard time taking 13 pictures of anything. What a great list!
I feel I now know wayy too much about a rest stop on a continent I've never been to...

Still, it was oddly interesting ;-)

Happy TT13!
That's some ultra-modern rest stop! Rubber floors??
No wonder you took so many pictures of fabulous design in action! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm glad it's not so hot here, though...
Very spiffy.

I'll be in Italy in a few weeks, but I if I recall the Florentine bathrooms look a bit different...
You and I are kindred spirits. I've taken 13 photos (or more!) at rest stops. LOL.
Wow, what an eye opener! It seems very high-tech. If only we have facilities like that...
That is one exciting rest stop you got there.
Looks cool I agree with others, that even the rest stops are unique in Italy.

Just a quick hello...I am on the road making a documantary and haven't really been able to do a decent TT list so have been AWOL...don't give up on me.

I'll be settled back down in 10 days...but am posting pics of my trip I'm in San Antonio right now using hotel computer...

But where oh where was the bidet?

One thing I noticed -- it all looks very clean.
Wow, that gets my personal award for the weirdest TT idea this week. LOL
But I have to agree it is a really nice rest stop. I just love those automated restrooms - as long as they actually work. ;)
Nice stop, wow!
Thanks for visiting my Yeats TT last week. I've been away for the weekend, so I'm very late to return the favour!
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