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Thursday, September 27, 2007

TT #67

Thirteen Vacation Photos
Part 1: Italy

I've been meaning to do this for over a month now. Better late than never, right?
wall around the square in Pisa
pigeons in Pisa
obligatory tourist photo

the American beach in Tirrenia
evidence that I did indeed wear a bikini for the first time in over a decade

the boys at the beach
packing up
the end of the day


the road to Pisa

the nicest rest stop in Italy
(more on this later)


Italian countryside

double rainbow in Italy after the storm that made us miss our exit

view from a rest stop in Switzerland

This was one of the best vacations ever--gorgeous weather, relaxing, and fun. Unfortunately, we were having too nice a time to take many pictures, but at least I found thirteen.

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I love the rainbow picture! It is absolutely beautiful!
Great pics! Right now I'm so stressed out, I wish I could be at that beach.
Ooh, pretty pictures of places I've never been, always a good TT to see. :)

Thanks for coming by.

Happy TT

Uh-oh. Making me jealous now. Must resist impulse to travel.
oh wow, nice photos. The rainbow one is cool. Happy TT!
Oh wow! I've always wanted to go to Italy. It's now way up on my things to do list again!
Gorgeous -- and you in a bikini?? Brave and gorgeous woman!! You go, girl!!

Can't wait to hear more about the vacation. (do you really read everything I posted between TTs? You deserve to call yourself my groupie, then!)
Beautiful pictures! We only stopped quickly in Pisa once in July : the thermometer marked 42ºC/ 107ºF , it was the summer of 2003 or whenever that very hot one it was!!

You look great in your bikini, wear it with pride!!!
I love your rainbow as well. Happy TT :)
What a beautiful trip! And, more importantly, you look fabulous in a bikini :-)
Wonderful pictures! The rainbows are splendid. I'd love to see some more of Italy!
Thanks for visiting my Tink TT.
Why didn't you wear a bikini for so long? You look good in it.
Oh, and how I wish I could be at a beach right now. As almost every day, really. ;) I really should move to some coastal place.
Looks like you had a great vacation.
Lovely pictures. We've been surfing web sites all day trying to decide whether to go to Florence for a week in November. (We love Italy, and haven't been to Florence in 16 years. The only hesitation is the weather.)
Oh... so... jealous! Hope you had a great time.
Beautiful photos. I've not yet had the chance to visit Italy.

Thanks for stopping by my TT. Don't be too scared off by my reviews. You and I might have different tastes in books. :D
Oh wow, what beautiful photos! :) Looks like you had a fabulous trip.

Happy T13, and thanks for visiting mine!
Oh, the cruelty! Especially since fall has well adn truly arrived here in the Midwest. Beautiful rainbow shot!
Damn, now I'm wanting to go to the beach. But not in this weather.
My Dream
Shake it, Darla! Woooooot!

C'mon, you knew I'd have to give you a wolf whistle :)
Wow! Those were great photos! errrmmm - weren't there also supposed to be some shoes over here as well? Crossing arms and tapping foot impatiently.
That looks beautiful, all of those!! Well, I don't really get the orange chairs and umbrellas...
Happy TT13 :P
Darla - I do recall you mention the story about the bikini thing. Show off your thing, Miz Darla hehe! Love the georgous photos! It beautiful out there. Thanks for sharing it with us

*sigh*, yes again...am not doing the TTs again. Am not sure why but am starting to lose ideas LOL...sorry! :) *smooches*
Yes, two Julia's, one right after the other! I love 'The end of the Day', 'The Road to Pisa' and the 'Double Rainbow'. Thanks for taking me on a virtual trip!
Susan, absolutely! I loved the Oreos. ;)

Thanks all for the encouraging comments about the bikini--I felt very brave. I wish we'd taken more scenery pictures so I could share them, but I didn't think of it until we were driving back, and the pix taken from the car window didn't turn out so well. :(

Next time.
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