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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Take My Wife, Please!

Take My Wife, Please! Adult.

Directed by: Jace Rocker.

Starring: Angela Summers, Britt Morgan, Peter North, Samantha Strong.

We got this one from our Sugar DVD queue (link is NSFW).

A group of bored suburban housewives decide to spice up their lives by swapping husbands.

Where to begin? The dialogue was wooden and improbable. The plot made no sense--one of the husbands turns down the idea then goes off and has sex with yet another woman. Another husband--a doctor (you can tell because he has a white lab coat and a stethoscope) is weirdly bumbling and clueless, etc.

And the sex scenes were dull. Which is really the cardinal sin for a porno. Nobody seemed to be enjoying themselves, and that was a little creepy.

I've looked at some other reviews of this one, and perhaps my problem is that this is from the 80s, and I just don't get it, not being familiar with the styles of porn movies then--kind of like how I react to a lot of older romance novels. Several of the reviews praised it for being cheesy. I don't see it--Space Nuts is cheesy. This was just bad.

I gave it an extra half-star because there weren't any scary fake breasts, and I found that refreshing.


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None of your adult film reviews are higher than 2.5 stars. How about some four or five star reviews?
Oops. Forgot to add . . . please?

thanks :)
Heh. Well, first I have to watch one that's worth more stars. :)

Actually, we're in the middle of one that's not bad. Once we finish it, I'll post a review.
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