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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Link of the Week #50

Amazon reviews get a lot of criticism, and rightly so--a majority of them are pointless: "this is the best book ever!" or "this book sucked so bad, I could only read the first 3 sentences!" or "this book was okay, but you really should read my friend's book instead (followed by a blurb for the friend's book)." And the helpful/not helpful ratings are more whether people agree with the # of stars or not. How else could a 10-word "review" be considered helpful? Still, I find them a good source of information about books and products, and quite often a source of entertainment. Like this guy:

He likes Earl Grey tea because it makes him feel like Cpt. Picard. His review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a description--at great length--of the book's physical appearance. He criticizes Finding Nemo at great length because real fish don't act like that. I did cringe whenever he took on politics, but he does seem to skewer both sides. What's nearly as funny as his reviews are the comments from people who think he's serious.




person is hilarious! It's really fun to read his/her reviews and how anyone could take them seriously is beyond me. Well, if I'd just read one review to a certain book, it might have fooled me, but even as single reviews they are so strange, one *must* realize they're not meant to be serious :-)

Thanks for the wonderful link!

Doris in Munich
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