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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Link of the Week #48

Seventh Sanctumâ„¢
Blind Dates for Your Muse

The main feature of this site is random idea generators--everything from anime character descriptions to wrestling moves to novel plots. An example romance novel plot:
This story starts in a drug store. In it, an odd barber goes on a blind date with an electrician from a small family. What starts as friendship quickly becomes infatuation - all thanks to an eavesdropping. Yet, how can a quest tear them apart?
You can spend a lot of time clicking around here, just for fun, or who knows? Maybe something will spark a great idea.

One clever aspect that I didn't notice until I'd spent a while at the site: the subtitle changes every time you click on something new. The one at the top here is one of my favorites.



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