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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Link of the Week #49

Ever wonder what would happen if you replied to one of those scamming spammers?

Well, somebody's done it for you:


He has six different scammers he's responded to, and my favorite is the Halloween-themed one, where he adds in a lot of Lovecraft and pop culture references.

There are also links to ten other sites doing the same thing, and tips for yanking your own spammers' chains.




I think the voodoo curse one was my favorite.

I think there's a fundamental flaw in the idea, though. He's trying to waste their time, yet doesn't this suck up his time, too? Although he is creating some sort of art in the process . . .
You're thinking too much. It's a public service--he's wasting his time, so we don't have to. :)
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