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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


****½ Played by Barbara Freethy. Romantic Suspense.

I think the first book I ever read by Barbara Freethy was Summer Secrets. After that, she became a must-buy author for me. I do have a couple of her backlist in my TBR pile, but haven't bought them all yet.

Played is about a jewel theft. The Benedetti diamonds, including a legendary 97-carat yellow diamond, are set to be auctioned by Barclay's auction house in San Francisco, and the night before the auction, they're displayed at a party--worn by art historian Christina Alberti.

Christina is uneasy--she's responsible for the diamond, but hasn't had a chance to examine it personally, and if anything goes wrong, she'll lose the last of her professional reputation--most of it already lost because of her father, notorious thief Marcus Alberti. And that's before FBI agent J. T. McIntyre warns her that the man he's tracking, Evan Chadwick (who first showed up in Taken), is a master of disguise and intends to steal the diamond.

Unfortunately, Christina can't be sure her father won't also be tempted. She wants to trust him, but can't. And J. T.'s suggestion that Marcus might be working with Evan doesn't help.

Of course, the diamond does go missing, impossibly, and J. T. and Christina end up working together, though at somewhat cross purposes, to find it. They fall in love, complicated by suspicion and Christina's need to clear her father's name. And then things turn deadly.

There are wonderful twists and turns in this story, including sleight-of-hand, myriad culprits and motives, family secrets and curses, and both J. T. and Christina have hard choices to make: J. T. between love and revenge, and Christina between her father and J. T. Whodunit isn't all that easy, either, and Freethy's talent for complex storylines really shows here.

I can't wait for her next book, Silent Run, next March.


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I haven't read Played...or did I? I can't remember but either way I'm sure it good :)

WOW I have to wait next year for Silent Run next year? ....that seem a long time. Great review by the way. Oh and I been wanting to watch The Invisible, I have it listed in my queue at Netflix. I wonder if I would feel the same way you did :)
Well, a lot of the reason I didn't like The Invisible is that I was expecting a different movie--I daresay that now that you know what to expect, that'll help.

I don't remember if you read Played yet or not. I know you do read Freethy, though, so chances are you did--you don't let books sit in you TBR pile forever like I do. :-/
Darla - no I don't let my books stay in TBR pile forever, however I do add more books into my TBR pile so sometime my reading is slow LOL

It good to know what to expect on things from someone reviews/thoughts. So it does help :) Thanks
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