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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

****½ Taken by Barbara Freethy. Romantic suspense.

Barbara Freethy has fast become one of my favorite romantic suspense authors. The books are full of twists and turns and a multitude of threads, which she handles deftly, weaving them all together to make a believable and satisfying conclusion. I've been slowly collecting her backlist.

In Taken, a young woman's decision to take a chance on love has disastrous consequences when her brand-new husband goes out for ice... and never comes back. Weeks later, she goes past his house, and finds another man living there, claiming to have the same name.

A con artist, the FBI, a decades-old robbery and jailbreak, a 12-year-old grudge, people with hidden pasts and shadowy presents... and two people trying to unravel it all while becoming inextricably entwined with each other.

*sigh* Yeah, I suck at writing about books I like.

Good book. I recommend it.


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that is a book that would interest me i am sure!
Have you read Ann Coulter's new book or do you plan to read it? ;)
Heh. No. Poisonous rhetoric isn't my cuppa. ;) I am surprised--and saddened--that it's selling so well.
since you love your reading, and from reading your post today i am wondering if you have ever come across Lee Child? I am a true fanatic.
Not yet. So I checked him out on Amazon, and I must say, I'm intrigued by the reviews. Which of his books would you suggest starting with?
Hey Darla,
Aren't you a fan of starting at the beginning of a series?
LOL, well, yeah--I was hoping somebody else would just tell me what the beginning was so I wouldn't have to look it up. :)
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