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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Link of the Week #41


Sure, this is a promotional site for Blendtec blenders, but I'm not suggesting you buy one--just enjoy the videos. Here's the caption for one of the "don't try this at home" videos to give you an idea:
There are few things more American than baseball, apple pie, and extreme blending. And hey, we've got two of those three things in this video!
I'd be tempted, because I do use my blender fairly frequently, but let's see... mine cost $25. The cheapest Blendtec is $400. Gee. Tough decision. The site is great fun, though--on a par with the "Will it Float?" segments on Letterman, not quite as hilarious as Steve, Don't Eat It!



Now that was FUN. Especially the iPhone blendo job, but also the credit cards.
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