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Thursday, April 05, 2007

TT #47

Thirteen "Thirteen" Ideas

You know how, when you're really tired, it's sometimes hard to tell a good idea from a bad one? That's me, today. I looked through my little file of Thursday Thirteen ideas, and they all looked like alphabet soup to me. (mmmm... alphabet soup. Being tired makes me hungry.)

Where was I? Oh. TT ideas. So I need your help. Here are the 13 most promising ones (at least to my befuddled brain). In the comments, let me know which one I should do for next week--or, if you have a better idea, tell me that, too. Thanks ever so.

  1. Inventions. Not actual inventions--rather, ones I'd like to invent, or wish somebody would.

  2. Things I don't understand. Yeah, I've done this one before, but people are always baffling me in new and exciting ways.

  3. Cool words. I love words. I especially like words that sound fun or peculiar.

  4. Crimes of fashion. I am the first to admit that I know nothing about fashion, nor do I care if someone's wearing... *gasp* last year's shoes! (shock, horror!). But there are some things that even I know you really shouldn't wear--and yet, people do. Clearly, they need my guidance.

  5. Channeling Heloise. Just like the fashion one, I am speaking from ignorance here. My housekeeping skills are pretty pitiful. So over the years, I've come up with a handful of tricks to compensate for that lack of natural ability/interest.

  6. Dreams. They're like movies in your head. Ones produced by insane monkeys from the taped-together remnants of a dozen shredded scripts.

  7. Black boots. I have (at least) 13 pair of black boots. I started collecting pictures of them for a TT a while ago, but never finished.

  8. In my purse. I know there are more than 13 things in there, but I can group them by categories. I'm always quite pleased by the amount of stuff I can fit in my rather small handbag.

  9. Museums. Ones we've been to. I fell asleep last night while trying to count them in my head.

  10. Spousal irritations. I start this list every time Carl does something really annoying.

  11. More differences between Germany & the U.S. I only hit a fraction of the things I've noticed the last time I did this one.

  12. One thing leads to another part 2. Either how my daughter's surgery almost 9 years ago led to this blog, or how the birth of my little brother made me end up here.

  13. Books on my to-buy list. That's always a possibility, because there are always a lot more than 13. In fact, I should have done that today--it would have taken me less time. Which means it would have felt like cheating. I'm an idiot.

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Hmmm I would like to know the "museums" you have seen. AND "One Thing Leads to Another part 2". It be interesting story to hear how that led you to blog *Grin*. And "cool words" sound fun! I have seen some other T13 with cool words and it was...fun :)

So out of those 3 is my choices :)

Happy T13 Darla!
I have added most of them to my list of ideas. Some weeks an idea just pops in my head, some weeks are hopeless. Always good to have some ideas at hand! :-)
Thanks for visiting my oracle TT.
Thanks for the list ! Now at least I got some ideas for the next TTs, he,he, therefore I won't say anything otherwise you could copy me (see my tongue ?)

PS. Another difference between Germany and the US .... they speak german !
You could always be like my fictional character of Trevor and do one from each list for the next thirteen weeks... that's something he'd do, all right!

They all sound good, but the one about your daughter and baby brother caught my eye even more than (gasp) books. Can you believe it? Is the world ending?

Happy TT! I'm always glad to see you stop by.
I'm with the others on this... Do #12 first (again). I have another friend transplanted in Frankfurt, and it's always good to have something to tease her about.

But LOL at #10. I often consider this one. We're remodeling, you know, so I figure I have the ultimate excuse to be irritated by every little thing, considering he likes to torment me with threats of camouflage upholstery.

Now you can add a #14, about why native midwesterners get scary about eating utensil storage *snickering*

Have a good Thursday.
I think all of them are good ideas, and will look forward to stealing, um, reading them in the future.
I like all those ideas!
I'm here for Channeling Heloise [need all the help I can find]!
Wow, lots of cool, creative TT ideas there! I like them all. And yes, some weeks it's easy to come up with a TT topic, and others it's like I'm wracking my brain.

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!
I vote for crimes of fashion. That would be hilarious!
i vote for heloise! Comic possibilities there
dreams. I want dreams. SOmetimes it is hard to be creative on Thursday!
There's some good ideas there. I'm always up to read a What's in My Purse list, or a Books list of any sort. I like the fashion crimes one too though.

My list is up! Happy Thursday.
I thought about doing #2 and #3 on your list, but just couldn't commit to it. You've got an awesome list of ideas, though. I'm personally anxious to hear about #12!

Hope you have a fantastic Thursday!
Things you don't understand or spousal irritations! I can't do that one because my dh would say its not edifying, but I can laugh at others' hehe.
I like all the ideas. The purse one sounds interesting :o) I always end up finding stuff I thought I lost in mine.
As appealing as pictures of black boots sounds (hehe) I'd LOVE to hear about your inventions.
Spousal irritations could also be good for a laugh and I'd have someone to commiserate/compare with.
How about #1 and 13? In addition, I could help you with #11. LOL
Sometimes not having an idea can be a good idea.

Great TT, thanks for dropping by mine.
Quite a few to choose from. Am I the only one to want #5? I like how you put that, no natural ability. That's me when it comes to housekeeping. ;-)

I'd also be interested in #1, #2, #3, #4, and #11. But I think all these topics have great potential. YOu've certainly given me some ideas.

Thanks for stopping by!
Those are all good topics! I particularly like #1, 9 and 11. My humans certainly notice a lot of differences between Germany and Canada. Maybe I'll get my mom to do a T13 about that one day.

Thanks for visiting!
Those are all great ideas. I love to hear about your dreams, or cool words. Actually, any of these would be great. :)
these are all great and I'm so stealing some of them *g*
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