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Friday, March 23, 2007

Living Dead Girl

*****+ Living Dead Girl by Tod Goldberg. General fiction.

This is the result of blog-hopping. I discovered Tod Goldberg's blog via SmartBitches, and got hooked on his writing there. It was much later that I decided I enjoyed his writing enough to take a chance on buying his books.

Paul Luden is a brilliant 32-year-old anthropologist. When he hears that his ex-wife Molly is missing, he and his 19-year-old girlfriend Ginny travel to her house to look for her.

Paul is also prone to depression, as was his ex-wife. They'd split up after the death of their daughter under some suspicious circumstances, but remained connected to each other. As it becomes more and more apparent that Molly didn't just walk away, it also becomes less and less clear that Paul had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Living Dead Girl is a mystery, and a fascinating one--I didn't really know until the end what happened and whodunit.

It's also the story of obsessive love, and a very compelling tale of a man who lives too much inside his own head--so much so that he doesn't always know what's real and what's not. His thoughts and emotions are so clear, so believable and understandable, that it was a little frightening--how easy it would be to let go of reality.

Either part of the story on its own would have been a wonderful, readable tale. Combined, it's exceptional.


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