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Monday, March 05, 2007

Dance with the Devil

****½ Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Contemporary paranormal romance.

This is the 4th book in the Dark-Hunter series, at least according to the B&N website.

Zarek is a Dark Hunter who's been mostly banished to Alaska because he destroyed a village he was supposed to protect--900 years ago--and rather than killing him outright, this is his "second chance." Between his human life as a hideously abused slave, and his centuries of isolation, he has a not-undeserved reputation for insanity. In Night Embrace, he showed up in New Orleans to help out, and got himself noticed, so he's expecting the assassins any day now.

When Thanatos, the killer of Dark Hunters shows up, Zarek can't help fighting, but he knows it's all over. Except that he ends up waking up in a warm, soft bed, and finds himself in the company of the beautiful, compassionate, and blind Astrid.

Astrid is the strictest of the Olympian judges, known for never having found a subject not guilty, and she's been tasked with judging Zarek. She's also scrupulously fair, and burned out on her job. Every time she's ready to pronounce Zarek guilty, he does something that makes her wait, and reevaluate.

Of course, they fall in love (look at the spine--it's a romance), and it's sweet and poignant--Zarek having never in all those centuries known affection, and Astrid being torn between her duty and emotions.

And in the process, a lot of things are cleared up, things which got to be pretty darn infuriating.

Zarek has got to be one of the most extremely tortured heroes I've read. His absolute devotion to duty in spite of all he's been put through is both admirable, and just a wee bit too much for me. His temper does... heh... temper it somewhat, but I still found it a little too good to be true that he never, in all those centuries, was even tempted to turn on those colleagues who'd long ago turned their backs on him. Still, it was only a half-star's worth of irritation.

I see why this series has such devoted followers. What I'm still struggling with understanding is that as much as I've loved all the books in this series that I've read, I don't feel invested in it.

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I read this not too long ago! Thought it was good - he is VERY tortured!
I'm way behind this series. So far only managed to read a few. I recommended this series to a co-worker and she loves it!
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