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Sunday, December 10, 2006

**½ Veronica's Game. Adult.

Directed by: Jim Enright

Starring: Randy Spears, Lauren Phoenix, Aria

Watched this last night after the ball, courtesy of Sugar DVD.

It's about controversial author Veronica (Lauren Phoenix), whose agent (Aria) is trying to get journalist Josh Love (Randy Spears) to write an article about her book. Josh Love is a womanizing misogynist who has no intention of doing so, until his editor threatens him.

Randy Spears is his usual funny self, but there's less story in this than I usually expect from Wicked Pictures. Still, there were some funny moments, and fairly real-looking actors (none of those scary, bolted-on implants). Veronica's "game" is supposed to be that she tricks him into being the subject of her next bestseller, but I didn't really see that.

Lots of fairly tame sex scenes, and pretty people. Not one I'd watch again, or recommend.


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