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Thursday, December 28, 2006

TT #34

I don't do New Year's Resolutions. I'm more of a New Week Resolution type of person. Every Monday morning is a chance to start over. Sure, I have long-term goals, but it really doesn't work for me to tie them to the new year. But the concept is fun, and I like the idea of periodically taking stock (obviously--I do it every week). So, with a hat-tip to Joshua James's Daily Dojo, here are:

Thirteen New Year's Resolutions
that I have no intention of keeping

  1. I will get a Mom Haircut. I've been told for years that I'm too old to have long hair, and also that mothers are supposed to keep their hair short. The last time I was at a school function, about 90% of the moms had this identical haircut: . Maybe I should get with the program.

  2. I'll quit eating chocolate. Just as soon as I finish the dark chocolate Nikolaus I got for St. Nikolaus Day , and the box of Godiva I got for my birthday , and the package of gourmet hot chocolate mix I found in my Christmas stocking .

  3. I'll join a gym with glass walls . Forget the fact that the gym on Miesau is close, and free. I need the motivation of a bunch of strangers being able to watch me work out.

  4. I'll stop complaining about my Tiny Kitchen™ .

  5. I'll keep my house spotless. Cleanliness is next to godliness, after all.

  6. I will start wearing sensible shoes . No more shoes like this , no matter how incredibly cute I think they are. (also: hah!)

  7. I will start watching sports, and insist that the rest of the family watch, too. Athletes make incredible salaries--it must mean that what they're doing is important enough for us to watch.

  8. I'll whittle down my TBR pile, and forego buying any more books until I don't have anything left to read.

  9. I will be strict with my kids. The fact that they're healthy, friendly, intelligent, and responsible is no reason to slack off. After all, they might start thinking for themselves, and then where would we be?

  10. It's come to my attention that being happily married is passe. I'll have to do something about that. Especially the sex. I understand it's supposed to be extremely rare and boring.

  11. I will clean out my closets and replace everything with clothes from Land's End.

  12. I'll start watching reality TV . I'm not sure how I've managed this long without watching Survivor, American Idol, etc., etc.

  13. I'll spend less time on the computer and more time on the phone .

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Ha! These are great! Especially #8. Like that's gonna happen. ROFLOL!
LOL! :D Great list! :D

I don't do resolutions either - but I do have goals. I've just been teaching group fitness too long to have any faith in resolutions - every January the gym is crowded with people, and only one or two actually stick around.
Hahahaa.. great list! Thanks for dropping by mine.
Heh..just got all my hair cut short last week...and my kids aren't even little anymore. Guess it doesn't qualify as a mom haircut then, right? Right? *g*

Great non resolutions!
I laughed at the haircut one...that is so true and it's creepy! I hope you don't keep your resolution on that one. Why would you want to look like everyone else? ;)

My 13 are up. I moved my blog so this is my first 13 in my new digs!
Dear Darla,
I haven't read all the TT yet, but pleeease don't get a Mom-haircut!! Short hair may be the most practical way to wear one's hair, but who would ever want to look like 90 % of the crowd? If you like the lenght of your hair, don't change it :-)

You surely are no Stepford Mum, so why look like one?
Doris in Munich
So that's what happened to my old tiny kitchen! I think those are even my old pot holders!

Anyway, I sense a certain amount of sarcasm. Amy I right? Am I?
Okay, my new year's resolution ought to be: read carefully before replying to anyone's blog... I'm verg glad you've got *no* intention to follow through with your resolutions :-) cause to what would you change your cherry-name after having got the new haircut, new clothes and new shoes? Boring Cherry is a paradoxon in itself...

Happy New Year soon to be!
Doris in Munich
A wonderfu list of won't be's. Everyone needs them. And that is a tiny kitchen--I'd keep complaining if I were you--let off some steam.

Thanks for visiting my TT. I'm going to go enjoy my kitchen now. Thanks.
LOL I have the same #10 problem. I try and look depressed with my marriage so others won't get jealous. And #8 is just too funny...

Thanks for visiting my TT!!
LOL! What a great list. I second (or it it third) the call for no mommy haircut. It's the modern version of the beginning of the Stepford Wives.. bad... bad.. *twitch*
LOL, Doris! You know better than that. :)

N.Mallory--how'd you guess?

Norma, can I come enjoy your kitchen, too?

Christine, how altruistic of you!
gaaaaahhhhh!!!!! the mom haircut.
run away screaming.
i like thse non-resolutions.
thanks for visiting my tt this week and happy 2007 to you!
Darla - I'm tickle with all your non- resolutions. And I agree don't cut your hair just to be like other. Be yourself :)

Some of the lists here ring true - something I weren't do. Thanks for the great list and laugh :) especially # 2 and # 8 ....yeah...like that will ever happen - Not ! ; )
I love these non-resolutions! I think I just might have to steal this idea for next week!
Ha! I love it! I may steal it for next week.

My TT13 is up too :)
I hear you on the kitchen issue. My husband is tired of hearing about the need for new cabinets. Sigh.
Haha, great list. I hope you don't follow any of these! ;-)
Thanks for visiting my 13 resolutions! All the best to you and yours for the new year!
What an hilarious list!!! No do not EVEr get a mom haircut please NO!!!!!

I love this list, especially about marriage and housework...aclean house is a sign of a boring life!

And sensible shoes are the curse of the world...long live sexy shoes!

Really fun list, and I hope you had a great holiday and all the best in the new year!!! It's so fun coming to your blog and I had such a laugh today here ...

Mine's up! I did 13 Culinary Abominations. Guess I'll get back to the college memories some other time.

And good God, woman, why would you want to START watching reality TV???
Thanks for the good laugh
ROFL - I love this list. I say don't do #1 or 2. Good luck with #8 and 13, I'm not sure I'll ever do that. Congratulations on #10, I'm happily in the same boat! :-)
Doug. Your sleep deprivation's showing. I wouldn't want to do any of those things. ;)
no complain all you want about the kitchen, I need my counterspace too
What a great list...and enjoyed reading it! I agree with the haircut, DON'T do it! LOL.

LOL, thanks for the laugh, Darla. I love your list. I have my very first list up today. Come visit me. :)
Take care.
Just say no to mom haircuts and sensible shoes!! :)
OK..I am for the mom haircut..just got mine cut off .. love it..and the shoes - go with what you like! Great list ..thanks for your hummor
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