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Sunday, December 10, 2006

****½ 7 Zwerge: Männer Allein im Wald, aka 7 Dwarfs. Comedy.

Directed by: Sven Unterwald, Jr.

Starring: Otto Waalkes

After seeing the sequel, we just had to see the original. Fortunately, Netflix had the DVD. Unfortunately, the DVD didn't have the German (original) version on it--it was dubbed in English, and had Chinese subtitles available. The original isn't available on Region 1 DVDs, and we don't have a region-free player. Fortunately, the dubbing was done by the actual actors, so once we got over the mouth/sound disconnect--which wasn't all that bad--Germans are experts at dubbing--it was a heck of a lot of fun.

The movie loosely tells the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, from the inception of the group of seven dwarves--founded as a kind of "no gurls allowed" club. Like the sequel, it's one silly scene after another, with a multitude of take-offs on everything from Little Red Riding Hood to board games to Lord of the Rings.

I'm sure we missed a few of the puns because of the translation & dubbing, but we laughed ourselves silly and I'm really glad we found it at all.


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Darla - that fun, that it had dubbed in English and Chinese :)

I don't know, I might check this movie out from Netflix too. And since you said it has some take-off from other movies, this might be fun :) Is this same story-line as the one you post on previously one?
It is from the same story-line, yes--it just takes place first. The dubbing and the German accents take a little getting used to, but those are the actors' real voices, which I thought was pretty cool. That is how they sounded in the original, too.
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