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Saturday, October 28, 2006

7 Zwerge: Der Wald Ist Nicht Genug

**** 7 Zwerge: Der Wald Ist Nicht Genug. Comedy.

Directed by: Sven Unterwald, Jr.
Starring: Otto Walkes

Just got back from seeing this at the Ramstein Autokino (drive-in) with the kids. We saw it in German, naturally, and that combined with the fact that the sound broadcast through the first half was full of static made me miss some of the details.

Snow White is now a mother, but her baby's in danger--the huntsman promised him to Rumplestiltskin in exchange for a full head of blond hair. The usual deal is made: 3 days to discover his name, or he gets the baby. So Snow White turns to her old friends the 7 Dwarves for help.

But all the dwarves except Bubi have scattered, trying to make something of themselves to win Snow White's heart, so it's up to Bubi, the inept one that nobody listens to, to round up the others and save the day.

There are appearances by the Magic Mirror, Hansel & Gretel, and the Wicked Witch, and references to The Tenth Kingdom (they go through the mirror to a real-world city), Lord of the Rings (Gollum), James Bond (the title means "the woods are not enough") and Harry Potter (the train platform). And I didn't catch this, but my husband did--a cameo by a famous German pop singer from the 70s, Udo something-or-other--I suppose it helped that he grew up here.

Anyway, it was over the top and silly, but a lot of fun--very much on the order of a short version of The Tenth Kingdom. And we're still humming the song.


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