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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Song of the Day

"Always" by Panic! at the Disco, from Vices & Virtues.LinkLink

This is such a pretty song for a rainy Monday morning. "When the world gets too heavy, put it on my back." Very romantic.

Unfortunately, the video is just the album cover, but if you go to YouTube, the description has the lyrics. Note to whoever wrote out the lyrics: it's "levee," as in something that protects you from floods, not "levy," as in the imposition of a tax, which makes no sense.

Here's a live video of a portion of the song:

I had a hard time finding one that wasn't obscured by the audience singing along. Question: why would you go to a concert and then sing along to the songs so you can't hear the band??? Anyway, this one was in Hamburg, so I guess we're just lucky the song wasn't obscured by the audience rhythmically clapping along.



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