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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Song of the Day

"Dancing Lasha Tumbai" by Verka Serduchka, from Eurovision Song Contest 2007. There's also a CD of nothing but remixes of the song.

This is the first song on my gym playlist--it's a great motivator, and always puts me in a cheerful mood.

Eurovision 2007 was the first Eurovision we'd ever watched, and arguably (at least from our perspective) the best. You can see the rest of the entries =>here<=. It was very interesting watching the voting, by the way. For example, Russia gave its next-to-top score to Georgia (subtext: sorry for the invasion, but, hey, we voted for you!), while Georgia didn't give Russia any points.

The most recent Eurovision, last year, was much more serious. My theory: because of the worldwide economic situation. Last year's winner: Lena, from Germany. Another theory: everybody was sucking up to Germany because of the European economic situation. It clearly couldn't have been because the song was the best. Or maybe that's because, living here in Germany, you heard it ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Then there was the World Cup, and a version of the song for that: "Schland O Schland" (I'm guessing "Schland" is short for "Deutschland"). At least it's not sung by Lena.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to this year's Eurovision, May 14.

Anyway. "Dancing Lasha Tumbai." Well, you can see by the video why we liked it. Apparently "Lasha Tumbai" means "whipped cream" in Mongolian, only it doesn't. And after you've listened to the song multiple times, you can clearly hear "Russia goodbye" instead of "lasha tumbai" in a couple of places. Wikipedia has the scoop, sort of.



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