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Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Morning Meme

A way-long meme

Discovered at One Gal's Musings.

1. My eye color: blue
2. Favorite car: my red 1988 Mustang GT Convertible... that's currently in the garage in San Antonio. *sigh* Benny (black Mercedes C300) and Moby (white Ford Expedition) are great, but the Mustang is still my favorite.
3. Right-handed or left-handed: Right
4. Shoes you wore today: white Rykas so far--my in-the-house shoes
5. My fears: big dark things (walking up next to the submarine at the Auto-Technik Museum in Speyer creeps me out horribly), deep dark water, heights.
6. Goal you would like to achieve this year: get even stronger
7. Thoughts first waking up: what kind of breakfast to make
8. My bedtime: should be 9, but it ends up being more like 9:30 or 10. (insert rant here about high schools starting so early despite numerous studies showing that teens do markedly better when school starts later)
9. Pepsi or Coke: Diet Pepsi--but cola's really not my beverage of choice.
10. Single or Group Dates: single would be nice--with having only one kid at home, we don't go out as a couple nearly as much as we used to.
11. Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate. The darker the better.
12. Do you smoke: Nope. never saw the point.
13. Do you sing: hehe. Yes, particularly when I wake up the teenager.
14. Have you been in love: Yes. Still am.
15. Do you want to get married: Again? Currently happily married.
16. Do you get along with your parents: fairly well with my mom, though slightly distant. haven't seen my dad in ages.
17. Do you play a musical instrument: yes--piano
18. In the past month have you smoked: No. See #12.
19: Favorite candy bar: that Lindt dark chocolate with chili. To die for.
20. In the past month have you gone on a date: No. See #10.
21. All-time favorite sports team: Er. U of M Wolverines? Not a big sports fan here.
22. Ideal girlfriend/boyfriend: Confident and competent.
23. My best friend(s): Carl
24. Do you believe in love at first sight: No
25. Favorite clothing brand: hahahahahaha whatever's on sale, fits, and looks good on me
26. Dream vacation: someplace warm with beaches and a handful of sightseeing opportunities.
27. My favorite singer: Freddie Mercury
28. My favorite movie: What's Up, Doc?
29. Have you ever fired a gun: absolutely. Scored sharpshooter, too.
30. Do you like answering these questions: why else would I be doing it?
31. Do you like yourself: Usually
32. I am addicted to: books, shoes, tea
33. Favorite drink: jasmine white tea
34. Do you have a crush on anyone: Yes.
35. Are you ticklish: Yes
36. Favorite ice cream flavor: Cherry gelato.
37. Define yourself in 3 words: logical, loyal, literate
38. Do you believe in God: depends on how one defines "god." definitely don't believe in any religion's version.
39. Favorite day of the week: Monday--I love fresh starts.
40. Heads or tails: tails
41. Favorite author: Pratchett, Gaiman, Butcher, and Crusie. oh, and let's add in Kinsale and Dunnett.
42. What magazines do you read: National Geographic
43. Sweet or sour: sour
44. Favorite chewing gum brand: it's been decades since I chewed gum. I really couldn't say.
45. My hair color: brown
46. Height: 5′ 3"
47. My heritage: all-American mutt. I know there's Irish & German in there, probably some Dutch, and who knows what else.
48. My weakness: tend to get bogged down in details
49. My perfect pizza: oh, so many. The more interesting, the better. Had one in Frankfurt with rucola, black olives, and ham that was wonderful.
50. My most overused phrase on IM: Don't IM anymore, but it would probably be LOL
51. My best physical feature: My muscles. I'm getting quite proud of them.
52. Do you get motion sickness: Yes
53. McDonalds or Burger King: BK in the U.S., McD's in Germany.
54. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Oh, please. Brewed iced tea, please.
55. Cappuccino or Coffee: coffee--not some 6000-calorie syrup concoction that pretends it's coffee. *shudder*
56. Do you swear: seldom
57. Do you want to go to college: Not anymore
58. Do you think you’re attractive: sometimes, for my age
59. Do you like thunderstorms: yes
60. In the past month have you drunk alcohol: Yes
61. In the past month have you been on drugs: No
62. Favorite cartoon as a child: Scooby Doo
63. Favorite sport: gymnastics or figure skating
64. In the past month have you been on stage: No
65. Ever been beaten up: only fighting with my brother when we were little kids.
66. How you want to die: Suddenly
67. Number of piercings: one in each ear
68. Favorite color: purple
69. Favorite food dish: oh, too many. what's coming to mind at the moment is a ratatouille couscous recipe I've made a couple of times. Yum.
70. My parents are: acrimoniously divorced
71. Do you have children: yes, three.
72. Do you have pets: 1 dog, 1 turtle, 1 chameleon, assorted fish
73. My favorite music genre: rock, particularly when mixed with classical (eg: Savatage)
74. My favorite season: summer
75. Silver or Gold: Silver
76. Who was the last person that called you: Dagny
77. Are you a good driver: yes
78. Would you rather be rich or famous: Rich
79. When I’m sad or down, I prefer to… read or play mindless games
80. What is your phone’s current ringtone: the generic one it came with
81. The longest you’ve gone without sleeping: 24 hours, probably. maybe longer. trips to & from the US tend to involve long periods of being awake and miserable.
82. What would you do with a million dollars: Pay off the house and bills, put some away for each of the kids, take a great vacation.
83. What makes you laugh: Camtino Awesimo.
84. Your favorite book: Freedom and Necessity by Emma Bull & Steven Brust, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (despite the fact that way too many people incorrectly interpret this as approving of greed)
85. Most embarrassing moment: oh, too many. I think I'm becoming immune.
86. Favorite item that you currently own: my e-reader
87. Have you ever moved: oh, yes.
88. Kisses or hugs: hugs
89. Are you a very emotional person: nope. call me Spock.

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